Although overlooked, Persona 1, the Persona 2 duology, Persona 3 Portable, and their protagonists are iconic parts of the franchise.

The Person The franchise turns 25 this year, and developer Atlus is taking a look at the entire history of the series in celebration. The spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei first began to break out of its initial niche state with Person 3, but Person 4 Y Person 5 it definitely pushed him into the mainstream.

Although his games are now overlooked compared to recent entries, Revelations: Person, the Person 2 duology, Persona 3 Portable and its protagonists are iconic parts of the franchise, something Atlus gratefully acknowledged in a graphic showing upcoming celebrations and announcements. Here’s a look back at each of these overlooked main characters and their place in history.

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Revelations: Person

Revelations: Person, also know as Shin Megami Tensei: Person was the first in the series, and its hero would curiously resemble character designs from later games. Known in official documentation as the “Child of the Earring”, the manga and other adaptations gave him official names as Naoya Toudou.

Like many in the series, he is a silent protagonist, with this lack of dialogue played to the extreme with his personality at the height of the player’s decisions. Certain points in the story, particularly the manga, paint him as a natural leader and compassionate friend. He, like most of the cast, was redesigned in the original American release to make it more Western. You also have the privilege of being directly referenced not only in Person 2, but also having a version of himself that appears as a major villain in the Devil summoner T.V. series.

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Person 2: Innocent Sin

Tatsuya Suou was the main character of Person 2: Innocent Sinand unlike its predecessor, it actually had an official name. Although mostly silent, he becomes a talking character in the game’s sequel, which means that his personality and quirks are more developed than others. Person heroes. He has a habit of lighting the cigarette lighter, as well as a fondness for motorcycles. Notably, thanks to a precursor to the later games’ social linking feature, he’s the only one potentially bisexual. Person protagonist. The game allows her to have an affair with Jun Kurosu, one of her male companions, which is considered one of the reasons why Innocent sin it was not located when it originally came out.

Person 2: Eternal Punishment

Maya Amano was a member of the party in Innocent sin, and becomes the protagonist of Person 2: Eternal Punishment. She is an extremely optimistic and kind woman, being a natural leader even in the first part of the duology. Being in her twenties also makes her the oldest. Person main character, as the series usually takes place in high school. The dark events of the second game wear down her happiness a bit, and beyond the appearance of superficial optimism is a somewhat sad woman. Hinting at this tragedy is his stuffed rabbit, who reminds him of his father.

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Persona 3 Portable

As its title suggests, Persona 3 Portable It was an adaptation of the game from PlayStation 2 to the PSP and featured several differences. One of them was the option to play as a new exclusive female protagonist of the game. This young woman, referred to as Kotone Shiomi in the game adaptation, is destined to be the opposite of the main male character. His version of his Persona (still Orpheus) is silver instead of gold, and his clothes are brighter than the male hero’s. She is less gloomy and taciturn compared to him, and while she remains silent, she is more likely to intervene or act out than he is. On the other hand, both are portrayed as always wearing headphones.

However, unlike the other protagonists, Person 3The female main character is considered non-canon, as Laptop it is said to take place on an alternate timeline. It has rarely appeared in promotional material, and the only spin-off in which it has appeared is the Nintendo 3DS. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth – which makes it even more exciting to see her and the forgotten other Person heroes here.

The new artwork reminds players that the franchise didn’t start a few years ago with Person 4 Y 5, and it actually has a long and storied history. It also suggests that remakes or versions of these older titles could be on the way, allowing today’s gamers to finally experience the stories of these ancient protagonists.

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