The special edition Pikachu was supposed to be available to catch starting July 22, but Pokémon GO has announced that players will have to wait.

Trainers looking to add the latest Pikachu themed to their Pokemon go The pickup will have to wait a little longer. Ninantic has announced that the release of Okinawan Pikachu has been delayed for an unspecified time.

Pokemon go It has faced an uphill battle in the past year as the pandemic has slowed players’ ability to go outside to interact with the game. For months, Ninantic had adjusted the game to make it easier for players to earn rewards or find Pokémon to catch without leaving the house. However, in June 2021, Ninantic announced that it would reverse some of these changes to Pokemon go as some parts of the world began to reopen, which in theory would allow people to play more easily in more public places once again.

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Pokemon go The recent announcement that the Okinawan Pikachu release would be delayed may indicate that they were premature in trying to return the game to its original form. Okinawa’s Pikachu is part of a larger program called Pokémon Air Adventures. The program is designed to help promote tourism over the next year, in part, by adding special Pokémon to Pokemon go that can only be captured in certain cities. The Okinawa Pikachu, for example, will only be found in Okinawa, Japan. When it is finally released, the Okinawan Pikachu will be available to find in the city for a year. But although the Okinawan Pikachu was scheduled to be released on July 22, 2022, Ninantic has announced that due to “recent developments, “Pokémon Air Adventures and the Okinawan Pikachu are being delayed.

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When will Pokémon GO’s Okinawa Pikachu be released?

Pokémon GO indefinitely delays Pikachu aerial adventure event

The “recent developments“Cited by Ninantic is almost certainly Japan’s recent declaration of a state of emergency in the country due to the increase in COVID-19 cases. Currently, the state of emergency is planned to last until August 22, 2021, with various restrictions in place limiting gatherings and travel. Since Okinawa’s Pikachu is part of a push to promote tourism, it is unlikely that it will be released in-game before the state of emergency ends. Players will likely have to wait until at least the end of August, if not well into the fall of 2021, before Ninantic gets comfortable with the launch of Pokémon Air Adventures. Players can take comfort in the fact that unlike others Pokemon go In limited-time events, Okinawan Pikachu will eventually be available to catch for a full year, rather than weeks or even days.

While the delay is disappointing, it is an understandable move by Ninantic. Meanwhile, the players of Pokemon go all over the world can enjoy the last days of Pokemon go 5th anniversary event.

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Pokemon go is now available on iOS and Android.

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