Ryan Reynolds finally plays Deadpool again … for a hilarious new video that reacts to the latest trailer for Free Guy alongside MCU’s Korg.

Ryan Reynolds Finally Plays Deadpool Again … For A New Video Reacting To The Latest Free boy trailer with MCU’s Korg. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Leaving aside, Reynolds’ rendition of Deadpool has been a fan favorite ever since he revived the character for the 2016 solo film and gave him the fourth dirty-mouth, wall-breaking screen portrayal that he deserved. . Both dead Pool and its sequel were hits, and eyes soon turned to a third movie. However, after Disney bought Fox in 2019, there was some uncertainty as to whether Deadpool 3 it could really happen. The project is currently in development at Marvel Studios and plans to take place within the MCU.

Meanwhile, Reynolds has turned his attention to other projects. This includes the long overdue Free boy, which will finally hit theaters next month. Reynolds plays Guy, a personable NPC in a video game who one day realizes the simulated reality of his surroundings. To save his house from total destruction, Guy must team up with outside player Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) and discover the hero within himself.

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In his latest promotional effort to Free boy, Reynolds disguises himself as Deadpool once again to give his opinion on the latest trailer for the action comedy. He is joined by Korg (Taika Waititi), the fan-favorite MCU character from Thor: Ragnarok Y Avengers Endgame. In a way, that makes it Deadpool’s first MCU outing. Look the following video.

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Click here to see the video.

Waititi also stars Free boy, so it’s fitting that he brought out his Marvel persona to help promote the film alongside Reynolds. The two previously starred in the highly criticized Green Lantern together, something they conveniently forgot the last time they promoted Free boy. This collaboration seems to suit them much better and has paved the way for numerous MCU jokes. For example, Deadpool references the franchise’s Disney + shows, at one point asking Korg if he has one himself. The highlight could be Deadpool asking for advice on joining the MCU.

Using an actor’s other roles to promote his latest movie is an interesting approach to Free boy take, but never let it be said that Reynolds doesn’t know how to find unique advertising inclinations. The reaction video above is a fun way to give Free boy more attention and putting Reynolds back in the Deadpool mask ahead of his long-awaited third movie. Korg is just an added bonus. If only, Free boy it will be as much fun as the reaction to your trailer.

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