Terror in tokyo is a dark but exciting seinen action series starring Ken Kaneki, a bookseller college student who turns into a meat-eating ghoul after his disastrous first (and last) date with ghoul Rize Kamishiro. Soon, Ken meets many more of his kind, including the distant and lonely Touka Kirishima. He has been a devil his entire life and knows the ins and outs of this lifestyle.

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Touka is a no-nonsense, independent ghoul who strives to mimic ordinary human life in high school while fully embracing his ghoulish nature at night. She is stern and tough, but not cruel, and she is ready to fight hard for Ken’s sake or to rescue her brother Ayato from his inner darkness. All of this could also remind anime fans of many other characters, be it in terms of personality, fighting style, or more.

10 Rukia Kuchiki is a skilled superhero who taught the protagonist the ropes (Bleach)

Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki is more optimistic than Touka Kirishima, and she’s also a bit more sentimental. Other than that, the two girls are quite similar, both have broken childhoods and a somewhat gloomy and pragmatic outlook on life.

Rukia also has a similar role in the story, being the first character to train the male lead, Ichigo, on how to use his powers in a new world. Rukia is often stern and no-nonsense like Touka, and oddly enough, both characters balance their tough side by being incredibly affectionate towards rabbits.

9 Stain patrolled the streets and accepted the grim reality (My Hero Academia)

Stain the hero killer is almost like a ghoul himself, being a terrifying and secretive figure who stalks the night, hunting hapless victims. However, it does not look for food. Instead, Stain is trying to eliminate all the vain suitors among the professional heroes, and he shows no mercy.

Both Stain and Touka are comfortable with the filthy shadows of the world, and while they both see a faint glimmer of hope, they don’t expect a glorious utopia any time soon. For now, they will prowl the streets and disappear into the shadows if too many heroes try to corner them.

8 Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye has seen horrible things but has faith in Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

riza hawkeye sniper phone roy mustang

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, the sniper, has a more or less similar role in this story to that of Touka in Terror in tokyo. Both characters have seen all kinds of violence and horror, and while those experiences hardened them, those horrors never broke them.

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Now, Riza is using her firearms to defend justice and peace, not to slaughter the people of Ishvala, and is a loyal friend and moral compass to her good friend and superior officer, Colonel Roy Mustang. From time to time, Touka had a more or less similar role with Ken Kaneki.

7 Narancia Ghirga is a street punk with a tough upbringing (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

narancia by boat jojo's bizarre adventure

Narancia Ghirga’s combat powers are quite different from Touka’s, as he uses a ranged Stand, Aerosmith, in battle instead of a single-winged kagune like Touka’s. However, the arcs of his characters are quite similar, including their harsh upbringing and bitter experiences.

Narancia was used and betrayed by his fellow criminals on the bad streets of Italy, and learned to become a street punk to survive and make something of himself. Even as a member of Bruno Bucciarati’s squad, Narancia is no different, and he was a wild child until his death.

6 Raphtalia endured a great loss and then joined Naofumi on his quest (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Raphtalia confronting her past shield hero

Raphtalia is a demi-human girl in this grim isekai series, and her life story is like a fantasy version of Touka Kirishima’s. A young Raphtalia had friends and family to call her own, but they were later slaughtered, and she and the other survivors were taken away in a cart to be sold as slaves.

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Later, the shield hero Naofumi Iwatani bought Raphtalia and made her his partner, and like Touka, Raphtalia was ready to support the male lead in any way she could. He also faced his own dark past in the form of the cruel noble Rabier and defeated him in a duel.

5 Lucy the Diclonius is a vicious loner with unusual powers (Elfen lied)

Elfen lied to Lucy

Lucy and her alternate ego, Nyu, are not human at all. She is a Diclonius, a horned humanoid with the supernatural ability to summon and control invisible vector arms to grab or break objects from afar. Lucy experimented endlessly until she broke free and found refuge in Maple House.

Lucy looks a lot like Touka, being a tormented young woman with dark powers and few people she can really trust or trust. She is largely pessimistic about the world and her role in it, but found comfort in the arms of Kouta, the show’s protagonist.

4 Toph Beifong yearned to be free and make her own rules (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Toph Beifong’s magical abilities are more conventional than Touka’s, and she has no need to hide her true nature as an Earthbender, unlike ghouls like Touka. Still, these two girls have had more or less similar experiences. They both fled their dubious homes to find their own way, and were later joined by the male lead.

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Like the land itself, Toph is stubborn and unyielding, and like Touka Kirishima, she is a cold and lonely at heart who will help her friends but never lose sight of her own needs and interests. Toph is a somewhat more noble version of Touka in general, and will never again let anyone tell her what to do. Touka can appreciate that.

3 Thorfinn also lost his family and became a bitter rogue (Vinland Saga)

Unlike Touka, Thorfinn is the hero of his own story rather than a supporting character, but other than that, they have notable overlap. They were both happy with their humble families at first until their parents were killed. In this case, Thor was killed by the Askeladd gang.

Thorfinn’s personality completely changed and he gave in to anger and revenge. He was totally self-absorbed as a rogue agent, determined to fight Askeladd in a duel and kill him one day. Until then, he’s a savage and intelligent rogue that no one can really tame.

two Isuzu Sohma didn’t let anyone get too close to her (Fruit basket)

isuzu sohma fruit basket

Isuzu Sohma embodies the horse of the Chinese zodiac, but he’s not exactly jumping for joy. He had a difficult upbringing with his unkind parents, to put it mildly, and now, he keeps everyone at a distance. Even Tohru Honda, the heroine, has a hard time getting close to her.

Touka Kirishima has a similar strategy, and although she can cooperate with and help people, she will not allow them to get too close to her personally. She’s determined to stay aloof and aloof, and for a long time, Isuzu did the same.

1 Mikasa Ackerman is cool, distant and deadly (Attack On Titan)

Close-up of Mikasa with a scar on her face - Attack on Titan

Mikasa is more of a hero than Touka, although she has her dark edge. Mikasa lost her family in her childhood and also lost her innocence. He quickly learned that violence can solve many of his and Eren’s problems, and his cold and distant exterior contains the cruel and relentless warrior within.

Mikasa, like Touka, is the dark but well-meaning sidekick of the male lead, Eren, and is generally aloof and aloof from most other characters. He also relies heavily on mobility, speed, and cunning in battle, just like Touka.

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