Xbox engineers have finally addressed an issue on the Xbox Series X / S, with a new update that fixes a major Quick Resume issue on the console.

A major issue affecting the Xbox Series X / S Quick Resume feature should finally be fixed after Xbox released its latest system update. The Quick Resume feature has been one of the reasons for Microsoft’s pride and joy with its latest generation of consoles, allowing gamers to swap games quickly and efficiently without annoying loading times. The Xbox Series X / S uses a feature that allows you to keep games running in the background, unlike the Xbox One, which disables background games to ensure active game quality. The Quick Resume feature is especially appreciated by those with limited playtime, or those who don’t have the patience for lengthy startup load times. Unfortunately, the Quick Resume feature has been plagued with problems since its launch.

A recent issue caused a black screen to appear when activating Quick Resume, which would then reload the game from the beginning. This could be especially frustrating for players who didn’t save before switching to another game, or those with limited playtime who don’t want to experience long loading times between games. Xbox engineers have finally fixed the issue, and the Xbox Series X / S fast resume black screen plague should finally be eradicated in the latest system update.

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According to Xbox, the latest system update for Xbox Series X / S consoles addresses the recent Quick Resume issue, where some titles were showing a black screen upon resuming and then reloading from the beginning. The system update that addresses the issue became available on Monday, July 12 and is now required for all Xbox Series X / S owners. The system update also provides several fixes that correctly reflect local languages ​​on the console.

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An Xbox system update fixes the dreaded Quick Resume glitch.  No more black screen reset games!

Xbox Series X / S Quick Resume has taken care of the issues since its launch, though hopefully Xbox engineers have finally eradicated all potential issues with the beloved feature. In December, Microsoft addressed a Quick Resume glitch, in which many third-party games were not taking advantage of the feature. Xbox addressed that issue, along with cross-generation performance issues, but was forced to temporarily disable the feature until it could implement a fix for uncooperative titles.

With thousands of titles to choose from, the Quick Resume feature is a great way to enable fast-paced games across multiple sources without the need for annoying loading times. However, with the issues plaguing the feature since its launch, it’s understandable if fans are hesitant to use the feature or are frustrated that the feature hasn’t been up to scratch lately. Hopefully, the Xbox engineers have finally cracked the code and Quick Resume on Xbox Series X / S will remain fully functional. Xbox gamers should certainly make sure to save their game before switching to the next one, in case another black screen appears and clears all progress.

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