Battlefield 2042 will change its class system and allow anyone to use any weapon (including the new robot dog, Ranger), regardless of class.

Some new details have emerged regarding the classes and equipment in Battlefield 2042, specifically how players can use items like rocket launchers regardless of specialist or class. Battlefield He’s always been very team-focused, causing players to choose some kind of supporting role that benefits their team or team in general. While this is still true in Battlefield 2042, DICE is changing things up a bit to make it cooler and also much more convenient for gamers.

Battlefield 2042 intends to change the formula of the series in many ways while maintaining the same main game experience overall. One way that DICE is evolving the series is by creating specialists in addition to the four standard classes that fans already know about. Specialists are extensions of these various classes, and each character has a unique set of gadgets or traits to use in the game, allowing things like wingsuits, syringe guns, and more. With that said, some noteworthy teams will not crash for any specific character in the game.

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HER noted in a blog post that all players can use any type of weapon they want, regardless of its class. That means a recon class could carry a rocket launcher, but in reality all characters can use any weapon. As seen in the Battlefield 2042 game reveal, there are many different devices to use. The classes function more as a way of teaching specialists, who have unique abilities and gadgets beyond just dropping a med pack. Similarly, the Ranger (aka the robot dog) is not a piece of equipment, rather it is something anyone can call in at any time to use it tactically. Ranger will follow players, take orders, and even self-destruct if prompted.

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Battlefield 2042 Rocket Launcher Stunt

It is clear that DICE is trying to emphasize the freedom of its players in many ways. Not only can fans customize their uniform pretty much any way they want, but they can also call in key players who can act as tacticians plus one for the rest of the team. Of course, there are limitations, since Battlefield 2042’s Cross-play is somewhat restrictive thanks to the disparity between console generations, but at least the option is available in some way.

It remains to be seen how much of a difference these loading variations will make in the game. This should allow players to experiment more freely with their builds, but that could lead to balance issues once implemented. Only time will tell. Fans can expect to see more than Battlefield 2042 on EA Play on July 22 before an open beta begins sometime before the October release date.

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Battlefield 2042 It will be released on October 22, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

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