The popular television series of the 90s Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured some of the most iconic and unforgettable Big Bads on the small screen. As each season featured a new monster for Buffy and Scooby Gang to defeat, there was no shortage of shocking displays of supernatural strength and power delivered by the latest villain.

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With seven years of killing everything from a master vampire to a rebellious gang of nerdy humans known as the Trio, Buffy Summers proved that even the seemingly strongest enemy had an Achilles heel.

9 The trio

Buffy the trio

Outside of the evil Warren Mears, the other two members (Jonathan Levinson and Andrew Wells) of the supervillain gang, the Trio, left none of the Scoobys shaking in terror. In terms of fighting skills, the group was quite limited in physical abilities, instead usually opting to use magic to gain the upper hand.

Warren Mears was obviously the biggest threat, and even after the Trio disbanded, he managed to cause chaos and turned to modern weapons to shoot both Buffy and Tara, causing Willow to turn to the dark side.

8 Mayor

Mayor Wilkins Buffy

Richard Wilkins was certainly not the germophobic family man as he presented himself. Wilkins was the original founder of the town of Sunnydale and, as an immortal being, he continually reinvented himself as his own descendant.

His goal to ascend and become a pure demon who would rule the world may have ultimately failed, but this Big Bad’s defeat hardly came without a lack of effort. Before becoming a demonic creature, Richard Wilkins’ invincibility was definitely his best weapon when it came to physical combat.

7 Teacher

The Master in his cape in Buffy.

The original great evil of BtVSThe first season certainly captured the attention of fans. He was originally known as Heinrich Joseph Nest and was highly respected by other members of the undead as an elder vampire. As well as being the head of the Order of Aurelius, he was also Darla’s father, which means that fan favorites like Angel, Spike, and Dru are all his descendants.

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Due to his advanced age, the Master had enhanced abilities, making his strength and reflexes stronger than the average vampire. She also had hypnotic powers that worked to her advantage in defeating Buffy during their first encounter.

6 Adam

Adam in Buffy's park.

The professor and Initiative member Maggie Walsh considered the Frankstein Adam-like creature (whom she referred to as Project 314) to be the ultimate creation. Originally a human and a member of the Initiative, the late Adam combined with demon parts and robot parts in hopes of reviving himself as a super soldier.

Without the need to eat or sleep, Adam was able to support himself with all his might by feeding on electrical energy. His left arm was that of a polgara demon, who could drop a spike to attack his enemies, while his right arm was later equipped with a machine gun and a rocket launcher. In terms of physical combat, Adam was able to easily take on Buffy and other demons.

5 Dark willow

Willow Rosenberg’s descent to the dark side finally occurred after fans saw her struggle to regain control over her magical use in season 6. Aiming to avenge her murdered girlfriend Tara, Willow went into a fire-induced rage. pain.

After absorbing the dark magic books in The Magic Box, he used his powers to skin Warren Mears and consume Rack and Giles’ magic. In terms of physical strength, she was able to take on Buffy and Willow almost took the world away with her overwhelming and powerful spells.

4 Peak

Spike tied to a chair in Buffy.

One of the best characters introduced after season 1, this punk-loving Big Bad was never one to walk away from a fight, even after switching sides and becoming a white hat. Spike gained supernatural fame for defeating two assassins, which made his fighting skills legendary.

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While he’s clearly quite strong, he doesn’t seem to be on the same level as villains like Hell God Glory nor was he able to lift Olaf’s hammer (the Troll God) (although Buffy was easily able to do so). Still, his love of a good fight makes for a remarkable notice, even if he never managed to defeat Buffy.

3 Angelus

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Scariest Monsters, Ranked

Buffy’s first love turned evil surprisingly turned into the Big Bad of season two after losing her soul in a moment of true happiness. Like Angelus, the previously haunting vampire retained all the strength and intelligence of his soul, but was significantly more manipulative and sadistic.

Angelus was not afraid to face the Assassin and was quite skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. Although Buffy was ultimately able to defeat him and save the world, Angelus’s apparent strength combined with his twisted need for psychological manipulation made him one of the most intelligent and deadly villains in history. Buffy.

two Glory

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Scariest Monsters, Ranked

This almighty Hell God was without a doubt one of the toughest Big Bads the Slayer faced. As a higher being trapped in the body of a mortal, the full extent of Glorificus’ powers (along with his original form) is never revealed.

Despite this limitation, Glory’s strength still surpassed that of the vampires and the Huntress. Even when Buffy went toe-to-toe with Glory, Slayer’s physical blows never seemed to inflict any damage. One of Glory’s greatest weaknesses outside of her mortal counterpart Ben was powerful magic, such as Willow’s spells and Dagon’s Sphere.

1 First

Caleb welcomes The First in Buffy.

Despite being the all-powerful entity that is the root of all evil, this Big Bad’s greatest weakness directly affects its ability to engage in close combat. As a ghostly entity, the First could not deal physical damage as it had no solid form.

Still, his powerful presence meant that he could easily find others to do his orders and go one-on-one with the Assassin. In addition to being immortal and incapable of being hurt, the First is also a master at manipulation, as seen during his first appearance in season 3 when he tries and almost manages to trick Angel into facing the light of day.

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