With Viola Davis returning as the ruthless Amanda Waller in The Suicide Squad, even James Gunn, the film’s director, admits he’s scared of her.

Even Suicide squad The director, James Gunn, is afraid of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. The leader of Task Force X was first introduced to the DCEU in 2016 Suicide squad, played by the aforementioned Oscar-winning actress. In the film, Waller acts as the government official who assembles Belle Reve’s detainee team and hands out their marching orders in exchange for shorter prison sentences. While David Ayer’s film was highly divisive due to its underdeveloped characters, confusing plot, and Jared Leto’s performance as The Joker, Davis’s performance as the ruthless government agent was a bright spot.

Davis will now return for James Gunn’s Suicide squad to lead Task Force X on an entirely new deadly mission. While his predecessor found Waller assembling his team of imprisoned supervillains to take out Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Gunn’s version will follow Task Force X’s foray into the fictional South American country Corto Maltese. Initially, his leadership is destroying a Nazi-era prison laboratory called Jotunheim, which will be disrupted by the arrival of Starro, a kaiju-sized starfish with mind-control powers.

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Like the Suicide Squads themselves, Waller has been known to display undertones of villainy in addition to being an intimidatingly tough person. In an interview with the The New York TimesGunn was asked about bringing back Davis, the only returning character outside of Task Force X, for Suicide squad. Gunn revealed that even he, the director of the film, is sometimes afraid of him. Read Gunn’s comment below:

She has no qualms about doing that at all. She is the sweetest person in the world and Waller is scary. When she’s on set and that shift happens, I’m literally scared to walk in and give her a note from the look in her eyes. It is incredibly intimidating. She comes here [holds hand at height of his neck] about me. But it is. She is amazing.

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The Suicide Squad Bloodsport and Amanda Waller

Davis’ performance in 2016 Suicide squad It was a standout, but many other aspects of the film let her down. Now that he’s reprising the role, it will be interesting to see what Gunn does with the character, but so far everything indicates that he will return with the same cruelty. In the previous movie, Waller controlled the Squad with nanite bombs implanted into their necks, which could be remotely detonated. Based on trailers for Suicide squad, It seems that Waller will return to his old ways.

After the second interpretation of the Davis character, the DCEU would do well to use Amanda Waller in the same vein as Nick Fury from the MCU. Davis is a phenomenal talent, nominated for multiple Academy Awards for his roles in Doubt, Aid, and last year Ma Rainey’s black ass, although she won by Fences in 2016. As Gunn previously discussed, Davis can achieve an unmatched level of cruelty on screen, but it’s unclear if the DCEU has any plans for the character’s past. Suicide squad.

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Fountain: The New York Times

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