Even if Jupiter’s legacy The run on Netflix was cut short due to its cancellation after the first season, the show introduced fans to a litany of very interesting characters. Most of the main characters on the show have incredibly enhanced abilities, but they are powers that DC fans have seen before.

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The origin of heroes in Jupiter’s legacy It’s a very different story than most of the main DC characters, but the character traits go back to DC lore. Not just powers, but similar ideals and abilities can make these characters feel the same.

9 The Utopian / Sheldon Sampson – Superman / Clark Kent

Jupiters legacy the utopian story of Superman DC

When people think of The Utopian, there are many different ways to represent it in their minds. Some see him as the strongest superhero on Earth. Some like the undisputed leader of the Justice Union. There are even several who see it as a symbol of justice based on its strong moral code. All of these Sheldon Sampson traits align with just one DC character, and that’s the Man of Steel himself, Superman, a character depicted in movies multiple times.

Just as the symbol on The Utopian’s chest speaks of justice, Superman’s shield represents the same ideals. Superman is seen by many as the face of the Justice League, and no one can rival his position within the group. Even in terms of power, Utopian and Superman are similar in strength, speed, and heat vision.

8 Paragon / Brandon Sampson – Superboy / Jon Kent

Split image showing Paragon from Jupiter's Legacy and Superboy flying in DC Comics

Brandon Sampson has one of the most difficult tasks of any hero within Jupiter’s legacy tradition, and that is living up to his father. That is especially difficult when the father is the most powerful and respected hero on the planet. Brandon has great admiration for Sheldon, but always feels like he’s in his shadow. That’s a feeling Superboy knows all too well.

When Jon Kent was born, the pressure was on him immediately to live up to being Superman’s first child. His powers came at a young age, but like Paragon, they were a bit unstable and Jon didn’t fully understand how to harness them early on. Both sons of Earth’s greatest hero, both struggling to live up to that nickname.

7 Brainwave / Walter Sampson – Martian Manhunter / J’onn J’onzz

Split image showing Brainwave in Jupiter's Legacy and Martian Manhunter in DC Comics

The importance of Walter Sampson to the history of the Justice Union cannot be understated, as he is the brother of The Utopian. While he may not be as strong as his brother, The Utopian trusts him as an important voice when it comes to making tough decisions about what is best for the planet. Although they have several similar powers, Brainwave’s greatest strength is his telepathy, which allows him to control people’s minds or rip people’s minds out of their bodies.

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DC’s most powerful hero using telepathy is without a doubt J’onn J’onzz, The Martian Manhunter. While J’onn doesn’t have more drastic tendencies than Brainwave, he does have the same desire to make Earth a better planet, even if it isn’t his home world.

6 Lady Liberty / Grace Sampson – Wonder Woman / Diana Prince

Split image showing Lady Liberty in Jupiter's Legacy and Wonder Woman from DC Comics

When Grace Sampson went to the island with the rest of the team, she also gained immeasurable powers. She has many of the same abilities as The Utopian, but serves as a different symbol for the planet than he does. Of the original six members of the Justice Union, Grace Sampson was the only female on the team. As such, he became a symbol for all future superheroes who aspired to join the Union.

As one of the founding members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman serves as that very symbol for women across the planet who aspire to be like her. Like Lady Liberty, Wonder Woman possesses many strong powers in the comics, matching the strength of her constituents within the Justice League.

5 Chloe Sampson – Supergirl / Kara Danvers

Split image showing Chloe Sampson in Jupiter's Legacy and Supergirl in DC Comics

Like her brother Brandon, Chloe grew up in the shadow of her parents, but while he chose to follow in their footsteps and become a superhero, Chloe decided to put all of that behind her and go in a different direction. Chloe possesses the powers to be among the greatest heroes, but she rebels against what her family stands for, which even leads to several questionable decisions.

Supergirl is known as Superman’s cousin, but she is her own hero and sometimes living in Superman’s shadow was too much for her. Kara went through a time where she wanted to be anything but Superman’s cousin and be able to live her own life. Eventually, she becomes the hero she was born to, but it was a journey for her to get to that point.

4 Skyfox / George Hutchence – Batman / Bruce Wayne

Split image showing Skyfox in Jupiter's Legacy and Batman in DC Comics

George comes from a somewhat troubled past, but some would say that he has recovered quite well into adulthood. Between inheriting millions from his father and having a reputation as a playboy, life seemed to get better for George after forming The Union. Outside of his money, what separates him from his former teammates is his genius intellect, which he uses to build different contraptions for combat, something that a certain Dark Knight also does.

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While Batman may not be superhuman like Skyfox, the intellect is certainly there, as he also uses the immense variety of devices at his disposal to thwart crime. Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne also serves as the financial backer for the Justice League, just like Skyfox does for the Justice Union.

3 Blue Bolt / Richard Conrad – Doctor Fate / Kent Nelson

Split image showing Blue Bolt in Jupiter's Legacy and Dcotor Fate in DC Comics

All members of the Justice Union received powerful abilities on that trip to the island, but Richard Conrad was given something extra. Part of Blue Bolt’s power set is his power rod, and he can use this artifact to teleport himself or anyone who holds it to any location he chooses. Not much is known about the power bar, only that he chose Richard as the one to control it.

DC has a variety of mystical elements that its characters use throughout the years, but none can be more powerful than Nabu’s helmet. That helmet stuck to Kent Nelson, making him the next Doctor Fate. The Helmet of Destiny possesses many powers, but teleportation, even between dimensions, is one of Fate’s most powerful abilities, just like Blue Bolt’s.

two The Flare / Fitz – Green Lantern / Hal Jordan

Split image showing The Flare in Jupiter's Legacy and Hal Jordan / Green Lantern in DC Comics

Fitz has a complicated relationship with the rest of the Justice Union, as he does not always agree with their philosophies on what is best for the planet. So much so that he stayed away from the team for quite some time. When you work with them, you create blasts of energy that can be used as weapons.

Similarly, Hal Jordan is a member of the Justice League who is always more likely to go rogue and try to find a different outcome than the rest of the team decided on. Hal also spends time away from the team, as the Green Lantern is always serving out of the world in the Green Lantern Corps. As a member of the Body, his ring can generate energy constructs, somewhat similar to Fitz.

1 Blackstar – Darkseid

Split image showing Blackstar in Jupiter's Legacy and Darkseid in DC Comics

From what audiences have seen of Blackstar, he is the toughest opponent the Justice Union has ever had to deal with. Blackstar has conquered planets and wiped out entire alien species, so he assumed he could do the same with Earth. While the Union defeated him, it was no small feat, as his super strength can match that of The Utopian, and his antimatter heart can pierce through people, killing them instantly.

Darkseid has a similar backstory, as one of DC Comics’ most evil villains, coming to Earth seeking to conquer, only for Superman and the Justice League to defeat him. Darkseid is the strongest threat the League has ever faced, with force at Superman’s levels, and his Omega Rays shooting out of his eyes, incinerating everything in his path.

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