A new trailer and poster for the second season of Netflix’s action-packed teen drama, External banks, it has just fallen. Season 2 premieres on Netflix on July 30 and will consist of ten episodes. External banks tells the story of a group of underprivileged teenagers who are caught on a dangerous journey after finding a treasure map. The series is created by brothers. Josh Y Jonas Pateas well as a novelist Shannon burke.

The trailer for the second season of the adventure series promises to be as explosive as the first. The official trailer begins by showing our young heroes as fugitives in the Bahamas. The main character, John B, struggles to clear his name while the bad guys search for him and his friends. The trailer promises that the second season will include shootouts, mass parties, and lots of explosions.

The cast members return to External banks include Chase stokes, Madelyn cline, Madison bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Randy pankow, Austin North, Charles Esten, Y Drew starkey. Newcomers to Season 2 include Elizabeth mitchell Y Carlacia Scholarship. Mitchell is known for her television work, appearing in starring roles on shows like Lost Y V, as well as major movies like The Purge: Election Year Y Santa claus 2. Grant is known for her roles in the 2016 remake of Estate and the original series OWN Green leaf. Both actresses will appear as recurring characters in External banks’ second season.


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The first season of External banks received a fairly warm reception for a teen drama show, earning a cool 71 percent rating on Rotten tomatoes. Audiences enjoyed the show’s debut season more than critics, giving it an 86 percent viewership score. Despite External banks’ Positive rumor, Netflix found itself in trouble in December last year when a North Carolina teacher and author filed a lawsuit against the streamer and the series creators for royalty payments and damages after the accused man External banks to scam his novel Pennywise: Blackbeard’s Scavenger Hunt!

External banks Season 2 will premiere on July 30 on Netflix. Check out the official trailer, new poster, and synopsis for the series’ second season below:

Outer Banks is a coming-of-age story that follows a tight-knit group of local teenagers (the “Pogues”) at North Carolina’s Outer Banks beach vacation destination. After their near-death escape, the second season finds John B & Sarah on the run, and over their heads, in the Bahamas. New friends also bring new enemies as they get back on the gold track, while the stakes for Kiara, Pope, and JJ rise rapidly at home. The $ 400 million is still in the game, but will the discovery of a newly discovered secret reunite the group for a new mission? The adventure of a lifetime awaits, but the uncharted waters ahead mean our Pogues must do everything they can to make it out alive.

outer banks season 2 poster

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