Weather Seinfeld decades old, audiences still use character lines in their everyday life. From Kramer’s chaotic and chaotic comments to Elaine’s hotlines and the many funny phrases scattered throughout, there is something for everyone.

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There are many fan favorite quotes that have been remembered, appreciated, and even applied to their own circumstances. While there are plenty of hidden gems that should resurface, some classics just can’t, and won’t, get out of fans’ heads.

10 “These pretzels are making me thirsty.” – Kramer

One of Kramer’s most normal jobs was acting. He is cast in a Woody Allen movie and given a line to memorize. Kramer tells the group about it and they all give him advice on how to say the line.

Kramer repeats it over and over again and it becomes a classic quote from the show. After practicing it for so long and making sure it’s perfect, things come up and Kramer ends up not being able to be in the movie at all. While his acting career got off to a rocky start, Kramer was still able to give audiences a date for all ages.

9 “Yaya or Yada.” – Elaine

Elaine Benes smiling

While this term had existed years before, Seinfeld has made it a popular line on the show, coming mostly from Elaine. She tells a story about meeting someone and going out to dinner, and finally, them, “yada yada yada”. The term is used in lieu of offering a more detailed explanation.

The boys ask her why she skipped the good parts, but she admits that she did talk about good food. This phrase becomes one of Elaine’s most popular sayings throughout the seasons.

8 “A Festivus for the rest of us.” – Frank

Frank Costanza on the phone in Seinfeld

Around the holiday season, everyone starts to celebrate. George’s family, however, is getting ready to celebrate Festivus, which is something only his family does, and something that Frank invented.

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They put up aluminum poles instead of the classic Christmas decorations, there is “Airing of Grievances” instead of giving presents, and there is “Feats of Strength” instead of singing Christmas carols. Frank is obviously excited for this time of year, which is strange enough for fans to remember this moment, and even have a little Festivus celebration.

7 “But I don’t want to be a pirate!” – Jerry

Seinfeld - jerry puff jumper

In the episode, “The Puffy Shirt” Jerry faces a crisis. While there isn’t much behind the quote except exactly what it says, it’s still fun for committed fans, precisely because of the utter lack of context.

When Jerry comes out in a puffy white shirt, he seems to change his demeanor from man to boy, admitting in a sharp tone that he doesn’t want to be a pirate. This is the kind of humor that largely defined Seinfeld, and this line from Jerry has earned a first place on the show’s best quotes.

6 “I’m out there Jerry, and I love every minute of it!” – Kramer

Kramer acquires Moviefone in Seinfeld

Kramer is a man defined by his chaotic energy. After being told by a doctor that she has a low sperm count, Kramer decides to try new underwear, but is picky about the way it fits.

So when Jerry and Elaine ask what kind of underwear he’s wearing, he asks them to guess. It doesn’t take them long to realize that Kramer has given up on underwear entirely, leading to his classic line that has been used many times by viewers.

5 “No soup for you.” – Nazi soup

Seinfeld Nazi Soup Yells at George Costanza

Based on the owner of a real New York restaurant, the so-called “Soup Nazi” appears in one of Seinfeldbest episodes, and it’s a strange moment. This intimidating man tells his customers the strict rules for ordering soup. George is heading to the restaurant for the first time, and when he takes his soup, he sees that they did not give him bread with his order.

He starts to complain, but the soup Nazi yells, “No soup for you!” and takes George’s food. It’s a strange but memorable interaction that all dedicated fans know and love.

4 “Serenity now!” – Frank

Frank is an irritable man with a mind of his own and a beloved supporting character among Seinfeld fans. After learning a technique to calm himself by saying “Serenity now”, Frank decides to give it a try.

However, this quote has become a classic for many fans after Frank yells at it frantically and loudly during stressful times, which doesn’t help at all when he’s trying to calm down. It’s the catchy and irony of it all that keeps this quote ingrained in fans’ minds.

3 “Look the other way, I’m horrible.” – Kramer

seinfeld cosmo kramer

Kramer has decided to create a smoking club in his apartment so that everyone can smoke freely. While the idea seems good at first, he realizes that after 24 hours of secondhand smoke, it’s not good for him, and he comes back with yellow teeth and wrinkles on his face.

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He’s horrified at himself, and when Jerry walks in, Kramer yells at him to look away and that it’s horrible. Once again, Kramer has given fans an iconic quote to wear in their less confident days – a great way to unwind.

two “The sea was angry that day, my friends.” – Jorge

George Costanza on the phone - Seinfeld

The monologue delivered by George at the end of “The Marine Biologist” is a classic scene that many fans appreciate. It begins with Jerry sharing fake George stories with an old college friend, the so-called “it” girl, Diane.

One of the stories he tells him is that George is a marine biologist. And of course he and Diane run into a crowd of people surrounding a beached whale. It is up to the “Marine Biologist” to come and save the day. In the end, he was caught up in the lie and Diane abandons him, but he left with a wonderful story to tell all of his friends, and he remains a fan favorite to this day.

1 “New man.” – Each main character

Seinfeld Newman rambles before being interrupted

Each Seinfeld The fan knows how often the characters have said “Newman” in a low, disgusted tone. A cunning character, Newman is often scheming with Kramer or taking on Jerry. He is known for causing mischief and wreaking havoc on the lives of characters. Thus, the classic “Newman” arrived.

Whether they realize Newman has done something, or they just see Newman himself, this is what the characters almost always say. As Jerry’s main nemesis, when they meet, it’s usually them dramatically calling each other’s names. Although Newman causes some drama, the way the main characters say their name is always a treat and a classic for fans of the show.

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