As rumors begin to circulate about upcoming PlayStation exclusives scheduled for PC ports, FromSoftware’s Bloodborne is not among them.

While rumors begin to circulate about more PlayStation exclusives that could come to PC, it seems that FromSoftware Bloodborne he is not favored to be one of them.

According to PlayStation modifier Lance McDonald, creator of the popular 60FPS mod for BloodborneThere are a number of online games for PC releases, but fans shouldn’t have hope on cosmic horror souls. McDonald said that the game was not mentioned in any of the rumors they were aware of.

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“If Bloodborne is advertised for PC, I’d love to smugly say ‘I secretly knew all about this!’ but that would be a lie. I am aware of several upcoming PC ports of PlayStation exclusive games, but sadly none Bloodborne. However, I’m still hopeful that it will come out of nowhere, “McDonald said.

McDonald does not claim that a PC port of Bloodborne it’s impossible, it’s just not on the current list of expected games. He continues: “For whatever reason, a lot of people really think I secretly know about unannounced Bloodborne projects. I keep searching for information and looking for all the false ‘leaks’ and ‘rumors’, but sadly there is nothing in there that I have found so far” .

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Fans continue to hope that some of the best-known PlayStation exclusives will eventually end up on PC after Guerrilla Games’ successful port. Horizon Zero Dawn. Other titles, such as Past days Y Death stranded, It also made the leap after brief periods of exclusivity. Rumors also began to circulate regarding Sucker Punch. Tsushima ghost prior to the reveal of its director’s cut, as the “PlayStation Only” tag was removed from the game’s box.

Although no new PC ports have been officially announced, fans have been waiting for the likes of God of War Y The last of us. Naughty Dog was recently at the center of PC port rumors following a report that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End it will eventually hit the PC, potentially making it the only game in the series that is not exclusive to PlayStation.

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PlayStation’s gradual cooperation with PC has not changed the launch strategy of its games. Hermen Hulst, Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, stated that PlayStation consoles “will continue to be the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch … launching PC games will never come at the expense of creation. from an exciting lineup of great console games. “

As for Bloodborne, the game has yet to receive a next-gen patch, despite McDonald previously stating that an official 60 FPS update should now be possible.

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