After the Flash is sent hurtling through time, Wally West finally learns what really happened at DC’s Sanctuary during Heroes in Crisis.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Brandon Peterson, and Oclair Albert, The Flash 2021 Annual # 1, on sale now.

After years as a major hero, Flash ended up at the center of a massive tragedy in the DC Universe. Wally West’s actions during Heroes in crisis left him with a host of crimes hanging over his head.

But now, that guilt has been almost completely erased in Annual Flash 2021. Wally West was just exonerated from his role in the events of Heroes in crisis due to his powers being overloaded not by his own actions, but by the Speed ​​Force itself, which alleviates much of his guilt in the deaths of multiple heroes during that event.

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In 2018, Heroes in crisis by Tom King and Clay Mann saw Wally West endure one of the worst tragedies of his life. After trying to come to terms with the loss of his family at the secret superhero mental facility Sanctuary, Wally seemingly faced the full weight of trauma at the heart of the superhero community. Overwhelmed, his powers seemingly struck while he was surrounded by other heroes, killing them all in a shower of energy. Shattered by the weight of his actions, Wally staged the scene as murder and even faked his own death. Wally’s role in the event was finally revealed and he was arrested. However, its own important role in Flash forward Y Dark Nights: Death Metal saw him quickly escape custody to play his role in saving and restoring the DC Multiverse.

Since the conclusion of Heroes in crisis, DC has been slowly reversing Wally’s guilt in the crime. On The flash # 761, it was revealed that Reverse-Flash had been influencing the various sprinter heroes in secret, and he was supposed to be what convinced Wally to try to hide his involvement from the rest of the world.

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And now, The annual Flash 2021 complete that progression, revealing more to Wally about how the day in question unfolded. Launched throughout the stream of time by an energy surge from the Speed ​​Force, Wally has been jumping between speedster bodies the entire time and increasing the amount of energy absorbed within him, with the potential to cause him to explode. in a massive outburst. of energy.

Arriving at the time when his powers were overloaded and returned to his own body (albeit his body from that point in the flow of time), Wally realizes that the surge of energy that killed the other patients in the facility it wasn’t necessarily his fault. Instead, it was a byproduct of the Speed ​​Force’s energy surge and spread over time. Although Wally could technically be blamed for being around other heroes when his power source spiraled out of control, this takes much of the blame off Wally’s shoulders. Since speedster Savitar was manipulating the Speed ​​Force at the time, Wally no longer has an active role in causing the deaths of his fellow heroes and may cite the energy surge caused by Savitar as the direct cause of the event. Flash even gets a chance to talk to Roy Harper, who also argues with Wally (and by extension the rest of the heroes) that he shouldn’t be blamed for what happened.

Flash Roy Harper's heroes in Crisis Retcon

As the deaths occur and time progresses around him, Wally is forced to return to his proper place in time to battle Savitar, securing the events of Heroes in crisis they still take place. But in a final conversation, Roy and Wally make amends with each other, and Roy not only tells Wally to let go of his guilt for the event, he even sends a final goodbye to the Green Arrow via Wally’s communicator. When Wally finally returns to the present, he can make peace with it and even finds closure with the Green Arrow, who hugs Wally after initially hating him for his part in Roy’s death.

It’s a major development for Wally, allowing him to finally come to terms with what happened to him during Heroes in crisis. He also seems to exonerate him totally and finally in the eyes of his fellow heroes, with his outburst now seen as a result of the Speed ​​Force and Savitar’s manipulation, and not as an act of genuine malice on Wally’s part. This seems to close the door to the darkest chapter in Wally West’s life and should allow him to move on more freely with his life as the Flash.

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