The anime is filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of heroes, villains, and strange worlds. Together, they have created a multiverse filled with comedy, horror, fantasy, and Gundams. What it does not have many are American superheroes.

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Only a few franchises have been turned into anime; Batman, the X-Men, and the Avengers are among them. But there are many more American superheroes who would be a perfect fit.

10 Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are ripe for a fish out of water anime

Let’s say there are two superheroes who are best friends and fish out of the water. They want to be among the big shots when it comes to saving the world, but they are not taken seriously. So they come up with ways to be seen.

This is a perfect description of DC’s Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Although they have been prominent figures in the past, they are now largely ignored. Their connection and the various ways they try to be recognized would make for an entertaining anime series.

9 Moon Knight has as many rights to the anime as Batman

Moon Knight Marvel Comics

Batman is great in both manga and anime. He first appeared in a shonen series at the height of his popularity in the 1960s and has some recent original video animations (OVA) to his name. So why hasn’t Marvel’s secret billionaire Moon Knight been given the same opportunities?

Anime producers can do different things for this character. He began his life as a superhero with multiple identities; he has lost his mind; He obtained his powers from the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. These individual skins could work well in various anime subgenres.

8 Justice League Dark fits into the horror subgenre of anime

Swamp Thing, Chimp Detective, Zantanna

The terror is huge in anime. Zombies, vampires, and all kinds of dystopian and apocalyptic settings have taken over too many anime worlds to count. That is why a series based on Dark justice league it doesn’t seem out of reach.

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The best thing about an anime with this outfit is that it wouldn’t need to hold back the blood or the scares. For many fans of this subgenre, the darker and bloodier the better. Of course, with Detective Chimp included, there’s room for a bit of humor in between the scares too.

7 Spider-Man has already tested the anime

Japanese spider-man and leopard

Peter Parker is known to have one of the worst lucky streaks in comics. However, that is not the case in the Japanese media market, where it gained popularity through a 1979 Spiderman Serie. While the character had the same iconic costume in this series, his origins were different, and additionally, he called in a giant robot named Leopardon to fight various villains.

Spider-Man has also gotten an anime treatment, more or less, in recent years. The animation style was most evident in The last Spiderman, which aired on Disney XD from 2012 to 2017. Character reactions, internal dialogue, and quick jokes are staples of the anime. So it makes sense for a Japanese production company to pick up the title.

6 The academy of titans would be a perfect shonen anime

Bolt Teen Titans Academy feature

The subgenus of shonen The anime is aimed at a teenage demographic. In many cases, the underlying environment is education or training. The various Dragon Ball series and Naruto are two examples of the shonen series.

Titans academy it would work quite well with the usual tropes of this subgenre. Like other shows, it features different people paired up for a common reason. Additionally, there is an underlying mystery that those at the Academy, including members of the original Titans lineup, must solve. Here, you are determining who is behind the Red X mask.

5 Ms. Marvel works as a Shojo anime

While shonen is marketed for teenagers, its counterpart, shojo, is aimed at teenage girls. Sailor moonfor example, is one of the most iconic modern shojo series, and a show based on Ms. Marvel should follow Sailor moonThe example of.

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Kamala Khan comics have all the elements of the shojo. She is a high school student with a group of unique friends, but when asked, she works to defeat villains in her own neighborhood and around the world with teams like the Avengers and Champions. A critical aspect that would make him a perfect shojo. anime is if they gave her an awesome transformation scene to become Ms. Marvel.

4 The Green Lantern Corps is ripe for anime adventures

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps issue one cover

The anime is known for its space travel shows that explore different planets and species. He is also known for his incredible fantasy productions in which a certain object grants its user enormous powers. The two elements combined form the Green Lantern Corps.

The reason this group should get an anime instead of just Hal Jordan is its diversity. Long-running anime shows are known for their large cast of characters, and the Corps has a seemingly endless number of these people. Also, if it comes down to it, producers can make their secret weapons the ability to create mecha from their rings.

3 Werewolf By Night Has An Expansive Backstory Perfect For Anime

werewolf at night

Although it was only developed between 1972 and 1977, Marvel’s Werewolf at night developed a vast backstory. One that includes vampires, witches, and divine beings. These are common tropes from many anime series, so the character fits the bill perfectly.

What Werewolf at night The anime should steer clear of the later superhero battles the character got involved in towards the end of the series. After all, Moon Knight was featured in Werewolf at night # 32. The anime has to stick to the horror elements of the character and his tragic story.

two Legion of superheroes can use their great cast

Like the Green Lantern Corps, DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes is another group demanding anime treatment. Also, you can do a shonen or a shojo. Of course, it could also just be a space opera similar to Voltron or Robotech.

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However, a Legion-based show has to constantly highlight the powers of the team members against the big baddies. Yes, there may be an episode or two of silence, but for the most part, LSH has to fight villains like Computo, Fatal Five, and Time Trapper on a regular basis.

1 The immortal Hulk is a true horror

The immortal Hulk

Although there are many incarnations of the Hulk to choose from to be an anime series, the one that would appeal to the most viewers is The immortal Hulk. Developed by writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett, this version of the Green Behemoth has turned into horror. Bruce Banner’s numerous deaths and bloody transformations are perfect for horror anime.

There is not much to change because Ewing and Bennett created a universe that mixes scares with a bit of mysticism and spirituality. These are already part of many horror anime that do not deal with apocalyptic scenarios. To put it another way, there is much to think about amid the blood and torment of The immortal Hulk.

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