It must be difficult to sell a good horror movie. While most movies can attract audiences with deep stories and wish fulfillment, the conceit of a horror movie should be about as painful to watch as possible. How can a marketer sell that mental and visual pain to audiences? Apparently they just need to give viewers a good taste with a trailer.

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Horror movie trailers are some of the most memorable and inventive in the trailer movie subgenre. A good one sells the movie. A great is a great piece of horror in its own right. Over the years, many horror movies have begun to use minimalism and quick cuts to create shocking and terrifying trailers, and some are found today as some of the most unique promotional materials out there.

10 Psychopath

Only Alfred Hitchcock could get away with it making a trailer that he has himself literally describing the movie. It’s a questionable marketing move that would make any typical executive hesitate, and in the traditional sense of suspense and horror, especially for a classic like Psychopath, one would think that a documentary like the examination of history would deprive the actual film of its impact.

However, Hitchcock is a master storyteller. While the trailer itself does not inherently have foreboding images or shocks, it torments and intrigues the viewer as its narrator vividly but reluctantly describes the scene of some murders. There is a sense of realism that really affects people’s imaginations, and cheesy background music does well to create dissonance.

9 The Texas Massacre (1974)

The trailer for the original The massacre in Texas It was a great showcase of information overload. He gave snippets of some of the film’s infamously surreal and hideous scenes and cuts between them with strong, sharp camera flashes on body parts.

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This magnifies each moment, disorients the viewer, and relates to the underlying motif of the documentary realism film. Maintains the feeling that your events could happen anywhere and makes sure the audience wishes it didn’t happen anywhere near them. Best of all, this was a lot of people’s initial introduction to Leatherface’s primeval horror.

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8 Hereditary

From a visual point of view, there are many things that the audience is going to take away HereditaryThe trailer, which includes a body full of ants, the infamous glow, the creepy old ladies and Toni Colette stretching her face to show true terror. However, what really ensures that the movie sticks with audiences until they actually buy a ticket is the clicking of the tongue.

Though brief and subtle, those clicks are distinct and baffling enough that they could even make a Pixar trailer terrifying. Along with the haunting music of the film, this became one of the few, horror trailers that could haunt people’s ears.

7 Go on

The horror film in the style of urban legends has grown in recent years with films such as The ring, the candy man, O well Urban legend, Y Go on is one of the scariest incarnations yet. Its greatest strength is perhaps the lack of a conventional monster.

The reveal of the monster is arguably one of the most disappointing moments in a horror movie, yet. Go on he manages to subvert that trope by making almost everyone the “It” headline. The trailer It does a phenomenal job of setting up that legend with enough information for any viewer to start looking at their neighbor with suspicion, and the taunts and music are effective in solidifying its’ 80s mystery movie feel.

6 Good night mom

Most horror movies will try to engage the audience with at least one central character so that emotions and murders have something at stake. However, Good night momtrailer It seduces by making the audience wonder who exactly, if any, they are trying to support.

At one extreme is the mother recovering from what appears to be facial reconstructive surgery that audiences are beginning to question whether she is really the mother of the two children. At the other extreme, the two boys don’t seem entirely innocent as they start plotting against their mother, staring at her in her sleep, and walking on piles of dry bones. There’s a lot to go into here and neither conclusion seems good, which is probably the goal of any good horror trailer.

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5 The spell

The spell scares were not invented by movies, but there are few other movies or franchises that have tried so hard to master them. Like a good magic trick The spell The movies cause audiences to lower their guard and look in the wrong direction, only to be horribly shocked with their reveal.

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While watching the actual movies is probably the best way to learn about the story, horror fans and non-horror fans alike have almost made it a tradition to enjoy the series’ iconic scare leaps through their nearly annual trailers. , with the original trailer setting a gold standard for all his successors. With visceral imaging, clever camera panoramas, and clever use of the “Look Behind You” moment, The spellThe first trailer is still scary today.

4 The Blair Witch Project

Despite having a low budget for a horror movie, The Blair Witch Project managed to be one of the scariest and most influential horror movies to date, and his trailer still stands today as one of the most unique and visceral taunts of a story yet.

It sets the tone perfectly by making a lost character pray and apologize to his family, as his heavy breathing and crying hint at further distress. From there, the trailer hints at a gruesome disappearance and points to a lot of vague images that, like the movie itself, allow the audience’s imagination to play with what might be happening. It’s not a long trailer and it never had to be.

3 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Somehow everyone can expect a jump scare and somehow still not see it coming. That is the hallmark of good misdirection, and it is executed more than well in the trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. There are no luxuries here. The trailer doesn’t even dive into Freddy Krueger lore, show clips from the movie, or even show violence.

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It just sets an incredibly awkward tone with creeping images of seemingly innocent objects and the quiet but ominous song of a young girl. Let the tension bubble through for both longtime fans and those simply mesmerized by the unique tone; and once everyone is on the edge of their seats, the trailer makes them jump out of them.

two The Exorcist

It is strange that many people today, regardless of whether or not they have actually seen The Exorcist, you may recall some of the most infamous scenes from the movie, such as the distorted crab ride or the projectile vomit. Even stranger the trailer neither shows these scenes nor any of the surreal and iconic images from the film.

It just has people talking about a poor possessed girl and alluding to some genuinely painful screaming, a violently shaking bed, and some flying objects. Audiences don’t even get to see the girl here, keeping that suspenseful surprise for the movie itself.

1 Alien

For this day, the trailer for the original Alien It has stood the test of time not only as one of the best horror trailers of all time, but also as one of the best trailers overall. On almost every level, this trailer is attacking the senses of the audience. It begins with a slow look at an alien surface and an egg with a strange noise that is hard to differentiate between a ghastly alien call or just some really creepy music.

Once the sound and images are fused into a full view of the egg, it suddenly cracks, letting out a barrage of surreal and haunting images of people running, a strange world, liquids gushing from strange places, and horrified faces all over the place. parts. Alien The film has inspired many of the best of horror, and its trailer alone is also quite (in) famous.

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