Tiffany Franco Smith has seen herself transform into a franchise villain. Now, viewers accuse her of trying to get revenge on Ronald Smith.

Tiffany Franco Smith has seen herself take a villain turn in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?, and now viewers accuse her of trying to get revenge on Ronald Smith. Daniel and Carley’s mother insists that she wants Ronald to learn to raise children and be a responsible husband and father. However, many viewers doubt Tiffany’s pure intentions and believe that the vengeful American woman seeks revenge after her shady behavior both on camera and on social media.

Tiffany has become a recent 90 day fiancé franchise villain because of her Happy forever Behavior of the sixth season. First, she talked about divorcing Ronald behind his back and refused to let go of her checkered past. Tiffany recently came under fire for airing her dirty laundry on social media. The mother shared dozens of screenshots with messages from Ronald. Tiffany then tried to criticize her husband for being abusive, although many viewers believed that she was only trying to present one side of the narrative and was not taking responsibility for her own behavior. Now viewers theorize that Tiffany is also being untrue about her reasons for wanting Ronald to grow up.

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One viewer took to Reddit to call Tiffany in a post titled “Tiffany doesn’t want ‘help’, she wants revenge“The user added that while they didn’t like Ronald either, they considered Tiffany to be insincere.”Tiffany keeps complaining “I need you to help me !!!” She is lying. He doesn’t want help, he wants a vacation, and he wants revenge. She wants Ronald to take care of EVERYTHING himself like her,“the user theorized. The user added that while Tiffany was in a difficult position taking care of two children on her own, it did not justify the way she acted.”She is trying to look good in front of the cameras and win the favor of viewers by not asking for what she really wants. What is to leave the children on him and go“added the user.

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Tiffany Ronald divorces happily ever after in 90 Day Fiance 2

The user’s theory supports viewers’ belief that Tiffany was trying to hit Ronald by presenting only one side of her narrative. “I agree, Tiffany is not a saint either. Remember she took HER SON out of her life to move to South Africa so she could marry a handsome boy. Then she immediately had another child. Tiffany is just as immature and guilty as Ronald., “Another commenter agreed. Others expressed that the couple needed to work together to become parents to Daniel and Carley, with whom many audiences sympathize. Others criticized Tiffany for putting all the responsibility of parenting on Daniel, who is just a child. . “Who is Tiffany kidding? Daniel is the one clearly taking care of Carley“wrote another user.

In general, Tiffany’s appearance in Happy forever It has only earned their criticism. Viewers have compared her to her friend and partner from the franchise. 90 day fiancé: the other way co-star Deavan Clegg. Tiffany and Deavan are similar in that both women blame their husbands for all their problems and have dragged their messy relationships on social media regardless of how it affects their children. Although both Deavan and Tiffany try to present themselves as victims, 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Viewers are completely turning against Tiffany.

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