Evil Dead Rise writer / director Lee Cronin taunts fans with a still photo, confirming that filming is officially halfway through.

Evil Dead Rise Writer / director Lee Cronin recently posted on Twitter confirming that they are already halfway to filming the new movie. The horror series originally started with Sam Raimi The bad death, which premiered in 1981. It follows a group of college students who decide to spend time in a cabin in the woods. When they unknowingly release dangerous supernatural entities, they become victims of possession. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) must fight to survive, if he ever hopes to escape the forest.

The film received an X rating at the time, despite not being sexually explicit, due to its extreme level of violence. Despite its controversy, it went on to spawn an entire franchise and became one of the most successful cult series in history. The next two installments are titled Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Y Army of darkness, followed by a reboot simply titled Evil Dead in 2013. The series also inspired video game adaptations. From 2015-2018, the franchise continued with the television series. Ash vs. Evil Dead. The next film will take place in an urban setting, exchanging the cabin in the woods for a skyscraper.

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Cronin posted on Twitter to update fans on the status of Evil Dead Rise. He originally tweeted the first day of filming in early June and today, he updated his social media officially confirming that filming is halfway through. With a hundred reels and 597 slates, the horror movie is on its way. See below Cronin’s tweet:

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While the set photo doesn’t reveal anything new about the plot or the characters, it’s exciting to see that the movie is officially halfway there. Before doing Evil Dead Rise, Cronin made his directorial debut with The hole in the ground in 2019, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The new installment of The bad death The franchise sees Raimi as an executive producer, alongside Campbell.

The film is expected to open in 2022 and will be distributed by HBO Max. The horror genre has performed quite well on streaming platforms, such as the recent Street of fear trilogy on Netflix, released weekly. While it would be a blast to see the franchise return to the big screen, this particular launch plan isn’t too surprising given that the movie theater business is still reeling from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Yes Evil dead rises works well on HBO Max, horror fans are likely to get a chance to see the franchise continue.

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