Dick Grayson became Nightwing in Titans season 2, and the show’s season 3 trailer hints that he might actually become Batman in season 3.

Titans is set to return for its third season, and the trailer may have hinted that Dick Grayson will don the Batman hood. Season 3 will hit HBO Max on August 12, and will be heavy on the character transitions seen throughout the show, with second Robin Jason Todd, played by Curran Walters, finally consumed by his dark side to move on from Robin to Red Hood. while Jay Lycurgo will join the show as the third Robin, Tim Drake. Season 3 also follows Dick’s own transition from Robin to Nightwing in Season 2, and there’s a chance that Season 3 will see him take on the role of his mentor as the Dark Knight.

The season 3 trailer includes a snippet of Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne telling Dick “It’s over for me. Be a better Batman. ” This line also appears to be related to the ruthless beating Jason will take in season 3, a crowbar seen on the ground just before Bruce warns Dick to be better than him. In contrast to Dick simply leading the Titans in a way that rectifies Bruce’s failures, there are a few reasons why this could indicate that alongside Jason becoming the Red Hood, Dick could be dressing up as the Caped Crusader in season 3.

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For starters, this isn’t the only hint that Season 3 declares Bruce a failure as Batman in the trailer, with the line “Bruce was a psychopath who used fear to control everyone.“Season 1 had also made Dick’s fight with Bruce very clear from the beginning with his.”F — Batman“line in the first episode. Although Dick and Bruce make amends in season 2, season 3 could go the way of declaring Titans‘takes on Bruce Wayne as if he couldn’t have embodied a true hero, with Dick leading the show to be the man capable of being the Batman that Bruce never was.

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Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson Nightwing Titans

As already said, Titans He has also been heavily devoted to Robin characters moving from one disguised alter ego to another, to Dick’s new identity as Nightwing, and to Jason’s transformation into Red Hood acting as a culmination of his already violent leanings as Robin Dick has been seen in Titans As a Detroit police detective, as a seasoned, veteran version of Robin, and now he’s adjusting to his new identity as Nightwing. Dick taking an even bigger leap to take on his own mentor’s crime-fighting alter ego wouldn’t be that great.

There is also a precedent in the comics of Dick becoming Batman for a time, specifically after Bruce Wayne’s death in Final Crisis, with Dick leading Bruce’s son and the new Robin Damian Wayne as the new Batman for a time until Bruce’s return from the dead. The dark knight rises it also concluded with a cloak-passing finale, with Robin John Blake (an amalgamation of Robins’ Dick and Tim) inheriting the Batcave from the retired and presumed dead Bruce. It wouldn’t be so out of the ordinary for Dick to jump from Nightwing to Batman himself in Titans. With the clues provided in the season 3 trailer, Dick Grayson could end up putting on the hood to fulfill Bruce’s wish to become the Batman that he couldn’t be.

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