Although the Red Room has been a staple in Marvel comics for over two decades, fans haven’t been able to see much of it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – until now. The training facility is a big part of Black Widow’s background in the comics, so it makes sense for fans to see it best in the character’s solo movie.

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The Red Room is a training facility in Marvel’s version of Russia that aims to turn girls into world-class spies and assassins. Combat training, fighting skills, use of weapons, and espionage are all part of the curriculum, whether the girls want to be there or not. Even with what appears in Black widow, there is still much more about the show for fans to learn.

10 When did the red room first appear in the comics?

Black Widow on the cover of Marvel Shadows And Light

Natasha Romanoff made her comic book debut in 1964, but Red Room did not debut with her. Instead, it would be decades before its antecedents were reconfigured to include the Red Room.

In 1998, Marvel’s Shadows and light it included multiple stories about different characters. One of those was Black widow: free fall. In it, Black Widow’s story is expanded to reveal that she was raised on the Red Room show. It took almost 35 years before readers received details about his experience as a spy.

9 What was the cover story for Red Room Agents?

Natasha practices ballet in the Red Room in the Black Widow Prelude comic

It couldn’t exactly be public knowledge that a training facility full of young women was producing spies. Instead, the plan for the Red Room was to implant false memories in all of their spies, making them believe that they were all professional dancers.

This particular retcon was easy for Black Widow as Natasha’s earlier story involved her (as a dancer) marrying a Soviet hero. This idea is even mentioned in the MCU, with Natasha being shown in ballet lessons in the fantastic Avengers: Age of Ultron regards.

8 Who else is a red room graduate?

Black Widow Yelena copying Natasha's posture

Although Natasha might be the most famous to come out of the Red Room, she is not the only character affiliated with it. Yelena Belova, the Black Widow comic to follow in her footsteps, is also a product of Red Room.

The Red Widow, Ava Orlova, also came out of the Red Room at a very young age. Natasha actually rescued her from criminals when she was only nine years old. Other young women on the comic book show include characters like Ying Liu and Ninotchka. Although he did not graduate from the program, the Winter Soldier also taught combat skills in the Red Room.

7 What superhero had a child raised in the red room?

Nadia Van Dyne studies in the Red Room as a girl in Marvel Comics

While many of the women raised in the Red Room do not know anything about their biological families, that is not true for one of them. Raised in the Red Room since childhood, Nadia saw her true paternity revealed by the instructors when they realized that she was a quick student in science.

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His father was Ant-Man Hank Pym and his mother was his wife Maria Trovaya. Eventually, Nadia learned all she could about her family’s heroes and found a way to escape the Red Room. While she was only called Nadia on the premises, she legally changed her name to Nadia Van Dyne when she began living with her stepmother Janet.

6 Is The Black Widow Movie The Red Room’s First Screen Appearance?

Dottie Underwood's Agent Carter

Apart from flashbacks in Ultron age, Black widow marks the first time the Red Room is properly seen on the arm of the MCU movie. However, it has already appeared on the television arm of the MCU.

On Agent carter, the series explored the early stages of what would become the Red Room through a character using the name Dottie Underwood. Dottie became obsessed with Peggy Carter while working for an organization called Leviathan. Flashbacks from her childhood showed her training in a Russian facility full of little girls, though it was never officially called the Red Room on screen.

5 What’s different about Agent Carter’s version of The Red Room?

Young girls fight in Agent Carter's version of the Red Room

Leaving aside the obvious difference of how much technology has changed in more than five decades, there is a huge difference in the Red Room of Agent carter day. While it is clear that the leaders of the modern Red Room have no problem killing agents who are no longer useful to them or who are a threat, the training process itself appears to be different.

On Agent carterWhen young girls are training and learning new fighting skills, they don’t advance simply by hitting each other. The girl who grows up to be Dottie actually breaks a friend’s neck when instructed to do so to win her match. That likely won’t happen today, as some women, like Melina Vostokoff, go through Red Room training multiple times.

4 What animated movie is used to train the first widows?

Snow White and Prince Florian singing at the wishing well

Proto-widows in the 1940s Agent carter they are shown learning English (and receiving a dose of subliminal messages) from an animated film. That movie is from Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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Not only is it appropriate for the era since the movie was released in 1938, but it’s also a good corporate synergy as Marvel now falls under the Disney umbrella. It is also repeated in 2021 Black widow as the opening credits also feature animated movie footage among the montage of young girls being forcibly taken for the Black Widow show.

3 How has the red room been used in animated Marvel projects?

Instead of visiting the Red Room, the Marvel animated series likes to make the term something of an Easter egg for fans.

On Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Black Widow uses the term as a password for your computer. On Avengers Assembled, is a keyword that activates the programming in Black Widow’s brain to knock her unconscious. It’s a clever way to get your story into the animated series without having to delve too far into the Red Room.

two Are all widows really Russian?

Black Widow Red Room woman

While the Black Widow show was initially created as a secret arm of the KGB in Marvel comics, not all of the people on the Red Room show are Russian. That’s especially true of the MCU version.

Although the Red Room itself is in Russia and all the agents seem to speak the language, the girls who grow up on the premises come from all over the world. That is reflected in the opening credits, as the girls are brought to Russia in shipping containers and also in the casting. According to director Cate Shortland, the film’s casting department sought out actresses from around the world to play the widows. The cast of actresses included people of French, South African, Chinese, Korean and British descent.

1 What is another name for the red room?

Winter Soldier fighting Black Widow in the Red Room.

In the MCU, the training facility is only known as the Red Room until now. In the comics, however, it was given another name, after Natasha already believed that the Red Room had been destroyed.

In the third volume of the Black widow In the solo series, Natasha discovered that what seemed like a new group was still drinking, training and using young women. It was called 2R, which was actually just an updated form of Red Room with many of the same techniques and goals as when it went through the show years before.

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