Warzone players complain that some of the recent nerfs of some of the less popular weapons like SCAR, MW AK47, FAL, and Oden are nonsense.

The new season of Call of Duty: War Zone, introduced a lot of chaos to the battle royale, but a number of nerfs on certain weapons baffle players. Obligations Season 4 has just been released, introducing new modes, killstreaks, and operators to your War zone mode, as well as improvements to the game’s multiplayer and zombies. While many players were excited about this new content, the new season also brought new balance changes and fixes.

War zone has become an integral part of the Obligations franchise in recent years. Taking advantage of the explosion of popularity in the Battle Royale genre, War zone it combined the basics of that genre with its own mechanics. Even if War zone has become one of the most popular Battle Royale games, updated throughout the annual game life cycle. Obligations delivery, has also been plagued with problems. Gamers often complain about glitches and hackers infect War zone, reducing your enjoyment of the game. Still, Activision has been able to avoid most of these issues with bug fixes and balance changes. However, some recent changes have come under fire.

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As reported by Right handed, Some War zone Players on Reddit have started to question some of the balance changes made at the beginning of Season 4. Redditor TastyWhale Meat noted that some of the weapons that were nerfed, namely the SCAR, MW AK47, FAL and Oden, are among the least chosen weapons in War zone. TastyWhaleMeat notes that these weapons do not seem to be dominated by their low usage and the fact that in their own use of weapons they feel quite disappointing.

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Of course, player usage isn’t the only factor that determines whether or not a weapon is balanced, and TastyWhaleMeat recognizes this. With that said, it appears that many other players in the comments seemed to share this opinion. One commenter noted that it may be an attempt to remove the weapons from the previous Obligations qualification, Modern war, outside War zone before the next new release. Since War zone is always embedded in the latest Obligations launch, it can create an issue where certain weapons become obsolete or outdated. In this case, from the next Obligations Reportedly taking place during WWII, nerfs may aim to push these more futuristic weapons sooner. War zone change to an older feel.

Regardless of the reason, these uncomfortable changes are not giving War zone players very confident in the direction of the game. Since hacking and easily exploited glitches are so prevalent, players would at least expect the game to be properly balanced when it works. Although many claim to be about to leave, War zone continues to endure as one of the most popular games on the market.

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Call of Duty Warzone is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Fountain: Right handed, TastyWhaleMeat / Reddit

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