Based on the Free Guy’s reaction video, the ideal Deadpool show could be a Disney + / Hulu equivalent of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The future of the dead Pool Movies remain a question mark as Disney and Marvel Studios figure out how to integrate FOX X Men properties in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With a Mouth made a surprise and dubiously canonical debut in the MCU with a reaction video to the trailer for Free boy.

It’s a fun and inspired piece of marketing, and one of its jokes is that Deadpool complains that he doesn’t have his own Disney + show. While the world waits for a proper Deadpool 3, this reaction video could be an ideal test model for a dead Pool show: A Disney + or Hulu equivalent of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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Deadpool’s reaction to the trailers is a stunt that can only work once before it gets nasty, but Deadpool’s reaction to the full movies has great comic potential. Warner Bros. has already done something similar with Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam, and there is a lot of material in the Disney and Fox libraries that is worth reading.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

There are a lot of bad, disappointing, or just plain weird movies that Disney owns the rights to. To take an example from a movie already made fun of Free boy video, not many people will post regularly Thor: The Dark World to watch it again unless they’re doing a Thor MCU series or marathon. However, a good part of the people who did not like Thor: The Dark World you can watch it again if it comes with a funny Deadpool commentary track. This could be said for many of the live-action remakes and the forgotten 70s short-lived on the Disney side, or Dragonball: Evolution Y From Justin to Kelly on the FOX side of things.

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Depending on which direction Disney feels when going with the character, this Deadpool proposal MST3K The series could be a TV-14 series on Disney + (with profanity censored similarly to the Free boy reaction video) or a TV-MA show for Hulu. Either way, this would be an easy way to keep Reynolds’ Deadpool prominent in the pop culture conversation and a clever way to let Disney laugh at himself. If even a Free boy The advertising video featured a comment as cutting as “Fox fire comes out”, there is a lot of potential for a Deadpool MST3K to deliver a sharp satire on Disney while also showing that the company can have a sense of humor about itself.

Like Korg in the Free boy video, different characters from the MCU could appear to accompany dead Pool on these riffs. The equally groundbreaking nature of She-Hulk’s fourth wall might make it a good fit, and perhaps this could even be an unconventional way to introduce new characters like Squirrel Girl. Get some great writers on board, maybe even those who have worked on the Mystery Science Theater 3000, and this could be the perfect way to combine Deadpool’s sense of humor with his new owners at Disney.

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