A Big Brother fan made a list of associations between the guests of the house and the stores found in the malls. Some are comical, while others are quite accurate.

TO Eldest brother fan created a list on Twitter in which they compared each of the current guests this season to a common store found in local shopping malls. Last week, these 16 new players said goodbye to real life when they moved to the Eldest brother home for a potentially exhausting but rewarding summer. Although it’s only been a week since the season premiered, a lot has already happened behind closed doors.

That said, viewers of live broadcasts have gotten to know almost all of the guests quite well. They have learned which players they want to support throughout the summer and which players they expect to see sent off sooner rather than later. Fans have also seen some of the drama unfolding inside the house. Earlier this week, live viewers saw head of household Brandon “Frenchie” French shadowing the rest of the guests. He even claimed that the production made it too easy for him to win.

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Since fans can have 24/7 access to what’s happening inside the house, they have learned a lot about each player’s personality. Twitter user @BB_Chistes created a thread in which they compared all the guests of the house to different stores found within the local shopping centers. They titled it “Places in my local mall that I associate each # bb23 invited with.“Some of the patron associations were pretty spot on. The funniest partnership of all was between Brandon” Frenchie “French and the mall kiosks. These kiosk assistants will follow customers, doing whatever it takes to convince them that buy his product, Frenchie did just this during his chaotic HOH reign when nothing seemed to go as he had initially planned. The tweet read: “Nobody likes this yet, somehow he’s still in business.

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Kyland Young is associated with Build a Bear Workshop because they see him as “a giant teddy bear,” as well as “childish. “The shop that best suits Britini D’Angelo is Bath & Body Works simply because of her living energy. Azah Awasum and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels go hand in hand because she is”sweet to the core.” TO Not surprisingly, Travis Long pairs best with Pac Sun because of the store’s beachy aesthetic. Being the trendy girl that she is, Hannah Chaddha is best associated with Zara, one of the newer but extremely stylish stores. His crush, Derek Xio, is more like GameStop. The explanation of this reading “Despite having no real reason to do so, I want to invest. We buy stocks because we like stocks, not because they are good. “

Although Alyssa Lopez has an online store of her own, this Twitter user believes that she is better associated with Hollister. While many of the tweets were about stores within the mall, some were actually restaurants. Tiffany Mitchell’s comparison was to The Cheesecake Factory, while Derek Fraizer was compared to Panda Express. Some of the other comparisons included Brent Champagne with GNC wellness shop, Claire Rehfuss with H&M, Whitney Williams with Victoria’s Secret, and Christian Birkenberger with Finish Line. This is a unique way of describing the individual personalities of the guests.

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Older brother 23 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8 pm ET on CBS.

Fountain: @ BB_Gossiper / Twitter

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