It’s been a long time coming, but RoboCop is making a comeback in the world of video games. Here are four things that can make that return worthwhile.

After a short excursion to Outworld, RoboCop finally gets a new solo video game. RoboCop: Rogue City It looks like it could be a triumphant return to character form, especially with the Teyon studio in charge of development. Teyon’s latest success was bringing back another iconic cinematic property with 2019. Terminator: Resistance, so it makes perfect sense for the studio to switch from futuristic killing machines to cyborg hero in the near future.

Even if Rebel city It’s an exciting prospect for fans, the brief teaser for the announcement gave a release date of 2023 quite a long way off. This puts Rebel city in line with the next Bethesda Indiana Jones game and IO Interactive’s Project 007 The James Bond game as a highly anticipated licensed title that fans will have to wait a while to experience. The long wait for the release date can be a tough pill for fans to swallow, but that wait is the perfect time for those fans to express what things need to be present for this to be a true successor to the one. RoboCop franchise.

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The return of Peter Weller

Rogue City Header by RoboCop

Ever since RoboCop hit the big screen, Alex Murphy has been an iconic figure in action movies. One of the main reasons this character has been able to reach this level in popular culture is the performance of actor Peter Weller. Other actors have taken on the role, but few have managed to nail the role with the same finesse that Weller did.

Weller only played the character of Alex Murphy in the first two RoboCop movies, but her subtle character work and iconic voice made the series what it is today. Immense work was done to bring the robotic character to life, with Weller even working with Moni Yakim, a famous mime, to get the suit’s movement just right. Weller also has a history of returning to character outside of physical performances, lending his voice to projects such as Mortal Kombat 11 and a series of KFC advertisements in Japan. RoboCop: Rogue City He needs Weller to return to his most famous role to really sell it.

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Bring back Clarence Boddicker

robocop clarence boddicker smiles

Perhaps as iconic as Peter Weller’s performance is actor Kurtwood Smith as the villain Clarence Boddicker. Boddicker is one of Old Detroit’s most insidious villains, a ruthless and calculating antagonist who served as the perfect contrast for Murphy. Boddicker ruled the streets with an iron fist, but he did so under Omni Consumer Products Senior President Dick Jones, another powerful figure in the business world.

RoboCop: Rogue City is taking a unique approach to its storytelling as it will combine the stories from the film trilogy into one game. With this idea in mind, it would be a tragedy if Rebel city it didn’t include one of the franchise’s most memorable villains. Boddicker deserves to come back and bringing Kurtwood Smith back to voice the character would really be the icing on the cake.

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Fight crime in an open world

robocop cleans the game room

One of the best sequences from the original. RoboCop The movie is when the newly operational cyborg, his mind still clouded by OCP programming, kicks in and immediately begins patrolling. RoboCop stops an attempted robbery, a convenience store robbery, and even a tense hostage negotiation with a rogue city employee, all effectively and efficiently.

The Detroit in RoboCop It is presented as a dangerous and lawless city, so giving players a variety of crimes to solve could be the perfect side activity to RoboCop: Rogue City. Developer Teyon has already stated that the new game aims to give players options to comply with RoboCop’s core directive programming in different ways, so having crimes that can be addressed in a number of ways could prove to be a great tool to do. make players feel like RoboCop.

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Futuristic weaponry

RoboCop is a heroic character, but he does not shy away from the use of deadly force. RoboCop is most commonly seen with its iconic Auto-9 pistol, which is already part of RoboCop: Rogue Cityarsenal of. However, Rebel city You need to arm your hero with some cool new weapons, given his futuristic environment.

In the movies, the evil OCP corporation is responsible for developing futuristic weaponry like the Cobra Assault Cannon, a massive rifle that shoots explosive ammunition. Players must be able to acquire an entire arsenal of futuristic weapons to take on the crime of Detroit, and it will be interesting to see what Teyon comes up with to arm RoboCop for his adventure. Perhaps players can use RoboCop’s jetpack and interchangeable arm machine gun from RoboCop 3, or maybe something even more exotic like a railgun.

RoboCop: Rogue City There’s still a long way to go, but the need for a new RoboCop game looks like it could finally be satisfied by this next shooter. Hopefully, Teyon can find gold again by doing RoboCop what did he do Terminator and create a RoboCop game that stays true to the original world and characters while creating a fun new experience that fans can enjoy. Time will tell if the studio can capture the satirical dystopia that is the world of RoboCop, but if it can include even a couple of the aforementioned aspects, fans will be more than pleased.

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