How i met your mother She certainly takes her time reuniting Ted with the titular mother (Tracy), but along the way, fans wonder if any of their relationships could be ‘The One’. Even her times with Robin were played out as if they could be the end of the game, and the two clearly had the biggest buildup over the course of the series, which paid off, with the final revelation that she was not the mother, but hers. ultimate ‘true love’.

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While some other relationships were also clearly designed with care to build over time, some of HIMYM’s romances weren’t built as beautifully. Whether they were left without much preamble or the characters just didn’t fit in with each other, this left fans stunned that the show would try to make these relationships work.

7 Robin and nick

Robin introduces her new boyfriend Nick to Ted at HIMYM

Robin meets Nick for the first time when she was dating Ted, so nothing happened, but Robin had a bit of a crush on him. When they meet again years later, Robin is still in love with Nick, and the feeling is mutual, but due to a little sabotage from Ted, they can’t make it work. However, narrator Ted tells fans that this was not the end of Robin and Nick’s story. Out of nowhere, at the beginning of season 8, it is revealed that Robin and Nick are dating, and have been for quite some time.

This was a shocking reveal for all the fans who couldn’t even see how the two reconnected in the first place to start their relationship. Nick isn’t around for long, but the reveal that he and Robin are together, after years of setup, was one of the most surprising moments on the show. Of all of Robin’s long-term relationships on the show, hers with Nick would rank as the least memorable.

6 Ted and zoey

Ted talks to Zoey and the captain in How I Met Your Mother.

The relationship between Ted and Zoey was certainly complicated from the beginning. They both share a love for classical architecture, especially in Arcadia. However, they are on opposite sides in the discussion about whether to bring it down or not. If that wasn’t enough of a red flag, Ted also finds out that Zoey is married. While there are feelings for her, they decide to be friends. The two finally decide to give dating a try once Zoey gets divorced, but it never really works out.

The relationship between Ted and Zoey was certainly complicated from the beginning. Even as a couple, they could never stop arguing with each other, especially when the subject of the Arcadian was brought up. The two were never able to get over this original conflict, which led to their breakup. Zoey was always a better contrast to Ted than a girlfriend, so fans were surprised when the show decided to go in this direction with these two.

5 Barney & Nora

After his breakup with Robin, Barney reverted to his old ways of dating, a role everyone was used to. That was until Nora came on the scene after the two met on Valentine’s Day. Although Nora would turn him down countless times, she eventually agrees to date Barney, a decision she would soon regret. Barney lies about wanting to settle down, and when he tells Nora, they break up early in their relationship. Although they get back together, Barney has to work hard to make things right with Nora, a task he fails at when sleeping with Robin, thus officially ending their relationship.

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After proving that Barney can have a legitimate relationship during his time with Robin, no one was surprised to see Barney trying to date someone else. However, it never made sense for Nora to be the woman for him to try again. The two were never a good fit, as Nora seemed to never completely trust Barney, something for which she ended up being justified.

4 Ted and Victoria

Ted and Victoria kiss in How I Met Your Mother.

In the first season, after a cute, romantic encounter at a wedding, and Ted looking for her and finding her afterward, the two part ways. Victoria accepts an opportunity in Germany that she can’t pass up, and they try long distance, but it doesn’t work out, as Ted is still in love with Robin and unwilling to remain loyal to Victoria while she’s gone. Fast forward six years, Ted is at an architectural event, and none other than Victoria appears to be the baker for this event, just like the first time they met.

Victoria was the first relationship Ted had during the course of the show, and since it started in season one, fans of course assumed it wasn’t going to last. Fans couldn’t believe that after all these years and a messy breakup, Ted would see her and eventually date her again. It may have been done to make fans think she was “the one” for Ted, but once again it turned out to be a ruse.

3 Robin and don

A key to a successful news anchor is having a strong co-anchor, someone you can count on to help you set up for success. Robin thought she was getting that when Don was brought in to co-host with her, but to her chagrin, Don was as far from professional as it could get. Between not taking work seriously and using rude methods to try to sleep with her, Robin couldn’t have been less interested in Don as a person.

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One of the most important things in this world for Robin is her career as a respected news anchor, as she works her way up the ladder throughout the show. For someone who takes his career so seriously, fans would have thought that the way Don acted would have been enough to make Robin never want to work with him again, let alone date him. The two weren’t together that long, but Don could have done a lot of damage to Robin’s career, so her forgiving him was incredibly out of place for her.

two Barney and robin

Barney and Robin began to develop more than friendship and eventually began dating. While the two had a lot in common, they part ways when they realize that neither of them truly believes that he is ready for a relationship. They remain friends for a while, but the attraction is always there, causing the two of them not only to get back together, but to get married as well.

Fans were surprised that the two friends, known for their commitment fears, were willing to commit to the marriage, even if it was for each other. Considering that the entire final season was focused on their wedding, fans assumed they would end the show still married, but they had other plans in mind. The two get divorced, leaving fans wondering why they bother the two getting together in the first place.

1 Ted and robin

Robin and Ted almost kissed

No fan was surprised when Ted first professed his love for Robin shortly after meeting, as Ted was desperate for love. Fans were certainly not surprised when the two ended up together in the season 1 finale, as the writing was on the wall. Fans weren’t even surprised when the two broke up at the end of season two, as we know from the pilot that Robin wasn’t going to be the mother. What surprised fans of the show was that in the finale, it is revealed that after Tracy’s death, Ted and Robin apparently end up together.

How i met your mother is the story of Ted finding the woman of his dreams, and fans waited nine seasons for it to finally be revealed. The reveal throughout the final season, from their flashforwards together, to the official meeting on the train tracks, was beautifully executed. Doing all of that, only for Ted to end up with Robin in the end was a surprise that no one seemed to want.

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