Earning crowns as a community during the Dead By Daylight anniversary event unlocks rewards for everyone. Players must enter codes to claim free items.

During the Fifth Anniversary event, Dead by daylight Fans can work together to unlock special rewards and cosmetics that can be redeemed through the in-game store. For the past five years, Dead by daylight has grown significantly in popularity, recently surpassing its milestone of over 100,000 concurrent players. During the Dead by daylight In celebration of the fifth anniversary, players can use the cake offerings to earn up to 525% more Bloodpoints, the currency needed to level up characters, per trial. A golden crown also appears in matches, changing locations and reappearing once a player picks it up. The survivors must escape with the crown to unlock it as a cosmetic for their original Survivor character, while the assassins simply need to find and collect it to add to their cosmetics. As the community collects wreaths, Dead by daylight Developer Behavior Interactive has released codes for special cosmetic rewards.

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Similar to other games like Borderlands Y Rocket league, Dead by daylight it will often have monthly or permanent promo codes that players can enter into the in-game store to receive additional rewards, such as charms, outfits, or Bloodpoints. Currently, there are four new codes that players can redeem, even if they haven’t had a chance to participate in the event. There are also two permanent codes that are still working as of July 2021, and as soon as the community reaches the final crown collecting milestone, there will be a fourth reward consisting of an undisclosed amount of Bloodpoints. Here are all Dead by daylight 5th Anniversary Event Reward Codes, What They Unlock, and How To Redeem Them.

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Every Dead By Daylight 5th Anniversary Reward Code

Survivor David King's anniversary cosmetics in Dead By Daylight

At the time of writing, four Dead by daylight Anniversary Reward Codes have been released, each offering two free cosmetics. The community has yet to clear the fifth and final crown milestone, but instead of cosmetics, they will earn what appears to be a large sum of Bloodpoints to level up the characters. The reward codes and their associated cosmetics are listed below:

  • PIECEOFCAKE: Unlock two free charms, Naughty PiƱata and 5 Year Old Candles. These work for both survivors and killers.
  • BEST TANONA– Unlock Golden Strands Anniversary hair for survivor David King and Ripped Cloak Anniversary top for Killer The Wraith
  • GOLDENBROS– Unlock the Harrington Jacket, 5th Anniversary Top for Survivor David King, and Golden Wraps 5th Anniversary Bottom for Killer The Wraith
  • AUSOME– Unlock the Straight Keks 5th Anniversary Bottom for Survivor David King and the Ax of Azarov 5th Anniversary Weapon for Killer The Wraith

If players have not logged in during the anniversary event, when they start their game, they will also be automatically credited for the 9,000 free Iridescent Shards and 800,000 free blood points awarded during the event.

Dead by Daylight celebrates its fifth anniversary

In addition to the fifth anniversary codes, Dead by daylight It also has two permanent codes that players can enter if they haven’t already. These include:

  • PRIDE: Unlock a free Pride Flag charm for Assassins and Survivors
  • Cute: Add 69 Bloodpoints to a player’s account

More codes are likely to be released in the coming months after the anniversary event ends.

To enter reward codes in Dead by daylight, players will need to start the game and open the Store. At the top right of the Store home page, above your featured items, you should see a button to Redeem codes. Players must select this button and type codes exactly as they appear, as they can distinguish between upper and lower case in certain cases. They must select Redeem for the items to be added to your account. Codes expire, so players who want to unlock all the rewards will want to redeem their codes sooner rather than later.

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Dead by daylight is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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