Similar to the Hokage in Naruto, the President of the Hunters Association is the highest ranking and most influential position any Hunter can achieve in the world of hunter X hunter. The president has the power to make executive decisions regarding the actions of the Hunters Association and oversees the Hunters Exam.

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After the death of Isaac Netero and the immediate resignation of Pariston Hill, Cheadle Yorkshire assumed the position of president of the 14th Association of Hunters. Cheadle’s position of power carries great responsibility that not many other anime characters could handle. However, some have shown that they are capable of using their strength, speed, teamwork, and battle experience to be great leaders and skilled Hunters.

10 Satoru Gojo has the strength to lead (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo Comes to the Battlefield (Anime)

As a special grade jujutsu sorcerer with extensive teaching experience, Satoru Gojo is a perfect candidate to be the president of the Hunters Association. His charming but complex personality would make him attractive to the rest of the board members and the many Hunters he would preside over.

His combat skills and ability to manipulate cursed energy are on display throughout Jujutsu Kaisen they are nothing short of awesome. Gojo is a talented fighter and an inspiring sensei.

9 Colonel Roy Mustang can overcome and overcome any plan against him (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist Flame Alchemist

When it comes to leadership, Colonel Roy Mustang excels. As a state alchemist and Amestrian state military officer, Roy knows what it takes to be in charge.

Similar to Nen’s abilities seen in hunter X hunter, alchemy is a supernatural ability that can manipulate matter and energy, and Roy is the expert flame alchemist. He is a respectable military commander and has shown that he is more than capable of commanding others with special abilities similar to his own.

8 Shura Kirigakure’s career story speaks for itself (blue exorcist)

With the skills to train everyone from distraught young students to the son of Satan, Shura Kirigakure is more than qualified to be the president of the Hunters Association. Shura has a long and impressive professional history and has used his experience to earn the title of Meister as a Knight..

She is not afraid to challenge her superiors and her outspoken attitude allows her to be decisive, even when faced with intense conflict. Using her experience as a highly trained exorcist, teacher, and Vatican inspector, Shura could handle the stress of leading hunters with supernatural abilities.

7 Elizabeth Liones benefits from her leadership experience (The Seven Deadly Sins)

elizabeth liones sins

One of the best ways to know how to handle a position of power is to be in one already. Fortunately, this is the case of Elizabeth Liones, the princess of the Kingdom of Liones in The seven capital sins. Despite being the youngest member of her royal family, Elizabeth is an important and respected authority figure.

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Elizabeth has shown that she can be a strong leader not only of people but also of the Goddess race. As the highest ranking member of the Goddess Clan, Elizabeth could lead the Hunter Association with ease.

6 Korosensei’s Mentoring Would Revitalize The Hunter Exam (Assassination Classroom)

Koro Sensei with his guides

Many would agree that Korosensei is one of the most lovable teachers of all time. His ability to connect with his students on a personal level while remaining focused on professionalism and academic success is just one of the many reasons he would make a great Hunter Association president.

Like Netero, Korosensei would be heavily involved in the Hunter exam and would challenge examinees in a way that would enhance their abilities. His powerful abilities and personable personality are admired by those in the Assassination classroom universe, and hunters are likely to admire it anyway.

5 Yukichi Fukuzawa is used to dealing with eccentric and extraordinary people (Bungo stray dogs)

Yukichi Fukazawa in Bungo Stray Dogs

The duties of a president and CEO are more similar than different. Like the Hunters Association, the Armed Detective Agency of Bungo stray dogs it is full of people with extraordinary abilities, and Yukichi Fukuzawa is its president.

Fukuzawa is a trained martial artist, skilled swordsman, and experienced assassin. His long-standing position as a company director coupled with his years of combat experience has allowed him to accomplish great things and be recognized as an accomplished leader.

4 Jotaro Kujo’s cool head would prevail over any problem (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

jotaro kujo

Despite his delinquent past, Jotaro Kujo is a serene and fiercely loyal individual in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Its cool nature allows it to remain calm and serenity in times of turbulence.

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Jotaro can navigate himself and others through any difficult situation, which is a quality that is common among the best leaders. Thanks to his strength and determination, Jotaro would stand out as president of the Hunters Association. His dedication to the position would be like no other.

3 Shota Aizawa pushes her exceptional students to go further (My Hero Academia)

The responsibility of a professional hero is a lot for any normal person, yet Shota Aizawa seemingly does it with ease. Known by his hero name, Eraser Head, Aizawa is the phenomenal classroom teacher 1-A, the strongest students at UA High.

Despite his stern and reserved personality, Aizawa is spectacular at communicating with his students and fellow Pro Heroes on and off the battlefield. He sets high expectations for himself and the people around him, which would help the Hunters Association to constantly improve under his control.

two Erwin Smith’s concentrated command of the Inspection Corps proves he has what it takes (Attack on Titan)

Erwin Smith Attack On Titan, angry

Smart, respectable and focused are just a few of the ways to describe Erwin Smith, the Commander of the 13th Survey Corps in Attack on Titan. Erwin has gone above and beyond during his career as a commander to protect the people within the Walls.

His drive to lead his soldiers in the midst of the Titan crisis is nothing short of admirable. Like Netero, Erwin was willing to sacrifice himself in the end for the sake of the mission. There is no doubt that Erwin would make a strong hunter and a powerful president.

1 Tsunade’s legendary tenure as Hokage makes her an ideal candidate (Naruto)

Tsunade, Naruto

Regarded as one of the best Hidden Leaf Village Hokage in Naruto, Tsunade radiates confidence and wields the power to back it up. Tsunade would make an impeccable president of the Hunters Association.

The village values ​​her commitment to protecting the people, and the shinobi under her rule obey her orders and believe in her as their leader. As a woman in power, Tsunade often receives criticism and backlash, but remains persistent in her efforts to defend herself against all threats, regardless of those who lack faith in her ability to carry out her role as the Fifth Hokage.

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