Married at First Sight stars Virginia and Jacob engage in a vengeful and angry reflection on whether Haley is to blame for the divorce and the drama.

After a tense twelfth season of Married at first sight, Virginia Coombs and Jake Harder explicitly cut through drama and unhealthy relationships in their season. Both of them separated from their mated spouse in the series, there was much that was not said after many of the couples in the series endured toxic and unreconciled marriages, uncharacteristic of the series. From potential affairs to explosive fights in front of the camera, MAFS it entertained several stories that were almost abusive and difficult to watch on the small screen.

With a drastic age difference and divergent values, the marriage of Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs created problems from the beginning. Adding drunken arguments and indecision about the living arrangements after filming also added to the mounting tension between the two. And the marriage of Jake Harder and Haley Harris in MAFS it wasn’t any better, with Haley openly talking about her dissatisfaction with Jake, almost from the first sight. Jake’s insecurities and introverted nature didn’t help the relationship that was already suffering. And as the couples bonded with their spouses and the other couples, even more drama erupted throughout the season, leading to a fiery and chaotic season finale.

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Even though Jake and Virginia were kind to each other in the air, Reality TV World shed light on the animosity between the two cast members. Specifically, they both had very different perspectives on the relationship between Jake and Haley. In speaking his truth about his marriage on Instagram Live, Jake frankly explored the pain and pain he felt after being married to Haley on Married at first sight. But in what could have been an interesting and insightful look at the series, Jake’s perspective turned into an explosive interaction between Jake and Virginia. While Jake remained cool (for the most part) throughout the conversation, Virginia used a series of hurtful comments towards Jake, using profanity, harassment, and even potentially “Blackmail” Jake, as he put it. Virginia did not hold back in her negative opinion of Jake, claiming that her conversations with Haley were “The creepiest shit any of us have ever heard” and asking again if “He didn’t like you or your bitch?” Jake was less cruel in his approach, reducing anger within the live video: “From the way he was writing, he didn’t seem like he was in a good place to talk about something.A passing reference to the suspicion that Virginia had a drinking problem, Jake faced this point of tension all season. He concluded by asking for the end of the drama and the opportunity to explore his “sexual experience.

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As fans eagerly await season 13 of Married at first sightAs the season 12 couples are still reeling from the drama, arguments, and one of the highest divorce rates on the series, Briana Myles and Vincent Morales are the only survivors. While the conversation between Jake and Virginia ended with both parties questioning each other’s intentions, fans are sure to look forward to clarity in the near future. and possible appearances in the upcoming thirteenth season of MAFS.

Surprisingly and unnecessarily, Virginia escalated an already tense situation by using rude and unfounded statements to smear Jake in his attempt to be honest.. But loyal fans of the series will not be surprised by Virginia’s comments, due to her constant involvement in other relationships, spending more time meddling in other marriages, and ultimately losing the love within her own. Without new information and a new dispute formed, Married at first sight Season 12 ended on a bitter and unresolved note.

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