After entering the Multiverse in the first season of Loki, fans are having a field day imagining what glorious new Lokis could be out there. Now it seems like all fan theories could be canon, considering that Loki himself now has the potential to be whoever and whatever at any given time.

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Loki, the god of mischief, has been a fan favorite from the moment he first appeared on screen. Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the iconic Marvel trickster has made fans around the world fall in love with this strange character, and many of them thought they would never see him again afterward. Infinity War. Now, everyone could be a Loki.

10 Always a Jotunn Loki

Odin picked up a baby Loki during a battle in Jotunheim and brought him home to raise as his own. Everyone knows how that ended, but what could have happened if they hadn’t brought Loki to Asgard?

Would he still be a squishy tiny wizard or would he be giant in size with a penchant for breaking things? Or would he still be a clever trickster, only five times taller and more physically skilled? The possibilities are limitless, and fans could only get a glimpse of this potential variant in the series.

9 Avenger Loki

loki black widow the avengers

Perhaps a variant of Loki could appear that was part of the Avengers rather than against them, coming from a strange alternate timeline where the roles of Thor and Loki were reversed. Classic Loki’s plight has already shown that TVA loves to take their sweet time-fixing variants, so perhaps a timeline in which Thor was also changed could have gotten out of hand while they were busy tracking down. other Lokis individually causing Nexus events.

8 Mother of Beasts Loki

Odin riding Sleipnir

Within the Norse mythological canon, Loki perfectly fell into the archetype of the Mother of Beasts. He was the biological father of half-dead Hel, the World Serpent Jörmungandr, the Giant Wolf Fenrir, and the Eight-Legged Horse Sleipnir.

In one scene in the MCU, Odin was seen riding Sleipnir, and there is already evidence of the animal Lokis with the new fan favorite, Croki. It really wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to imagine Loki as an animal shapeshifter who takes the form of a snake, a wolf, and a horse as a callback to his Norse roots.

7 Sword Fighter Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki with a sword in Episode 5

In Norse mythology, Loki has a sword known as L√¶vateinn. This weapon also makes appearances in the comics, starting in Journey into mystery # 115. The sheet reappears several times throughout the Disney + series, to the point where Kid Loki presumably hands it to him. LokiLoki’s protagonist, Boastful Loki. Sylvie is also seen using a blade that is more of a sword than a dagger when fighting. That said, having a variant of Loki that relies more on swordsmanship than magic or daggers could be an interesting take.

6 Ruler of the world Loki


All fans are well aware of Loki’s Glorious Purpose – he is destined to rule Midgard and is fully capable of doing so. There has already been a Loki in the series who appears to have won a presidential election, but a satisfied Midgardian ruling Loki would definitely be dressed in something much more interesting than a suit and a “Loki for President” button. However, it would certainly raise questions as to why the TVA allowed him to get away with actually succeeding in his goal, so perhaps they will only let him have it for a few breaths before pruning the timeline.

5 TVA Lokis variant

Due to a particularly interesting slip-up from Marvel Studios, a massive rumor is spreading about the possibility that some of the TVA staff are actually Lokis. If that were the case, it could really turn the tide for Boastful Loki and Sylvie. That also means that there is a possibility that each member of TVA is related to Loki in some way, although hopefully that particular theory is just a stretch of the imagination.

4 Worldly Asgardian housewife Loki

Loki mentioned in his discussion with Sylvie that he has had several partners, it was just that none of them stayed. Perhaps there is a variant of Loki who managed to maintain a stable relationship and now just stays home as a very worldly version of himself who doesn’t want to get involved in mischief and risk losing what he has.

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He could also be a very upset Loki after pruning who did everything right, but found out that TVA really just doesn’t want him to be happy.

3 Combat Mage Loki

Instead of focusing on illusions and deceptions, perhaps another Loki decided that sleight of hand wasn’t good enough to get where he wanted to go. Instead, he needed something a little more forceful and thus learned more combat magic. Think traditional fireball wizardry and chain lightning spells, but since Thor is the God of Thunder, Loki learning lightning magic was unacceptable by TVA standards. It might even be there to lend a hand in a final battle.

two Loki completely cracked

Deleted scene of Loki in prison

Somehow Classic Loki managed to keep his wits about him despite being isolated for so long that he actually aged before TVA came out. Loki himself is quite desperate for attention, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to think that he would go to some serious lengths after being alone for a long time.

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Instead of enduring his loneliness for years, cultivating massive magical prowess, and eventually being pruned because he wanted to mend relationships with his brother, what if there was a variant of Loki on some moon somewhere talking to rocks as if they were real? people? Maybe it could borrow a bit of the Joker aesthetic from the DCEU? That probably won’t happen considering the tone of the show so far, but it’s an idea.

1 Creator of the “sacred timeline” Loki

the locations of the bombs sent along the holy timeline.

Some fans have noted that the chaotic mess in which TVA is full of variants, weird stories, and pieces that just don’t seem to make sense. What if the “Sacred Timeline” doesn’t need anyone to actually monitor it, and all the threads of the Time Keepers and the Sacred Timeline were just red herrings thrown by one particular Loki having a little fun? An ultimate Loki who inevitably takes over not just Midgard but all of the Nine Realms and decided to see how much he could screw up the universe before it was corrected.

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