New updates in the Star Wars animated anthology series, Star Wars: Visions, have been revealed at a press conference in Tokyo. According to IGN, two episodes of the nine-episode series have been animated by popular Japanese studios, Production IG and Studio Trigger. Anime fans will recognize these studios as the animators of Ghost in the Shell (1995) Y Kill the prey, Respectfully. Five other studios have also worked on the series. Each episode will present a different cultural perspective on the famous sci-fi franchise. Some episodes will exist within Star Wars Canon, while others will have a more flexible connection.

The founders of Studio Trigger, Masahiko Otsuka Y Hiroyuki Imaishi, revealed that its two episodes will be at the beginning and end of Skywalker Saga. By Otsuka “The Elder” will take place before Episode I: The Phantom Menace. “Our story is not directly related to any of the characters in the movies, but it explores the idea of ​​the Jedi Knights and the master-Padawan dynamic in an older setting,” said Otsuka.

Meanwhile, Imaishi’s “The Twins” will take place after the events of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker: “The remnants of the Imperial Army have raised a pair of twins on the Dark Side of the Force, and the story begins from there.”


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Production Director IG Kenji kamiyama (reportedly one of the directors of the next Blade Runner: Black Lotus series) has worked on an episode called “The Ninth Jedi”, which will also take place after Episode IX. As he explained:

“I was wondering, after Episode IX, will the galaxy have settled in peace? We all love the stories of the Jedi and lightsabers, but what happened to the Jedi Knights after the movie series? My story is about that … When I first saw Star Wars, I was fascinated by the story of this boy Luke Skywalker who came out of nowhere and embarked on a great adventure, and for me that is the root of the charm of Star Wars . … So I wanted to represent a galactic-level adventure with a different character. ”

Other episodes will include “Lop and Eight” by Yuki Igarashi of Geno Studio, which will run between Revenge of the Sith Y A new hopeand follows what happens when the Empire builds a base on a planet very much in tune with nature: “Their new technology causes conflict with the inhabitants, and the protagonist Eight, who is the daughter of a kind of local yakuza family, meets the orphan enslaved “. Lop, who is a rabbit-like humanoid alien creature inspired by Jaxxon from the classic Star Wars comics; meet and form a family bond that is not linked by blood. “Additional episodes for Visions They are “The Duel”, by Kamikaze Douga Junpei Mizusaki; “The bride of the people”, by Hitoshi Haga and Kinema Citrus; “Akakiri” and “T0-B1”, from Science SARU Eunyoung Choi Y Abel Gongora, respectively; and “Tatooine Rhapsody” by Taku kimura at Studio Colorful, described as a “rock opera” with familiar faces from that planet like Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett.

It is fascinating to hear the different visions of these directors, the diverse styles and ideas make this series promising. There has been a lot of focus on the Skywalkers, mostly in the movies, so this new series will be a nice change of pace.

Star Wars: Visions It will premiere on September 22 on Disney +.

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