Virgil Hawkins’ family learn of his powers in the rebooted Milestone series, Static: Season One, as opposed to previous versions of the teenage superhero.

Warning! Spoilers for Static: Season One # 1

Virgil hawkins family knows his powers in Milestone Comics’ series restarted, Static: Season One, unlike previous versions of the teenage superhero. Throughout his history, Virgil has kept his electromagnetic abilities hidden from his parents and sister, but they seem to know everything in this new version.

After police dispersed a mysterious experimental gas during a Black Lives Matter protest, Dakota City teens were given unique powers. Soon, Virgil realized that he had the ability to control and generate electricity, while high school bully Francis Stone was given the ability to shoot fire with his hands. It wasn’t long before Francis showed what he could do at school, calling himself Hotstreak. To Francis’s surprise, Virgil had his own powers and managed to take the lead in a fight. At the end of the debut number, Hotstreak showed up at Hawkins’ door over dinner looking for a rematch. Picking up where they left off Static: Season One # 2 by Vita Ayala, Nikolas Draper-Ivey and ChrisCross reveals the outcome of this confrontation.

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It appears that Virgil’s parents Robert and Jean Hawkins, along with his sister Sharon, know that he has powers, as he defends them against Hotstreak in their front yard. A newly released cover by artist Khary Randolph and colorist Emilio L√≥pez shows the family’s shocked expressions as their home is engulfed in flames behind them. Up to this point, Virgil has not donned his Recently redesigned static suit even or even gave himself the name “Static”. Unlike any previous version of the young superhero’s origin story, his family seems to be privy to the secret that he was among the teenagers who gained powers.

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While covers can take creative liberties with the stories they depict, this change in origin for Static feels good with what was established in the first issue. Since so many children were affected by the Big Bang, it almost became normal for some young people to change that day. When Virgil confronted Francis in the hallways of his high school, the boys saw the fight and casually accepted that their classmates had powers. They even kept it a secret from a police officer who started asking questions. Now that Virgil’s powers aren’t even a secret of the student body, it makes sense that you are not so concerned about keeping them away from your family.

This is an intriguing twist on Static, as he has often struggled to find the balance between life as a student and as a superhero, while also being a son and a brother. With such a massive change in their backstory, old fans might need something to get used to. Now that Virgil’s parents and his sister know his secret before he adopts a superhero personality, they are likely to be by his side to support him. However, they may have other thoughts as well once the smoke clears. Static: Season One # 2 Releases Tuesday, July 27.

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