Pre-order reservations for Valve’s recently announced handheld console, Steam Deck, are now selling on eBay at heavily inflated prices.

Make reservations for the Steam cover512GB model They are already being sold on eBay at ridiculous prices by resellers just a day after the handheld console was announced. Valve’s upcoming handheld console will give gamers access to Steam’s entire digital library of games. The console will feature a number of key features that will make even the most demanding or complex PC titles accessible.

On Thursday, Valve announced the Steam Deck launch date and price, and the unexpected reveal took the gaming industry by storm. The appearance and portability of the system have been widely compared to the Nintendo Switch, which places a similar emphasis on the nature of its hybrid console. Like the Switch, the Steam Deck will also be compatible with a dock that is sold separately, allowing users to connect the system to a TV or monitor for big screen gaming. Not only will the all-in-one PC handheld be powerful enough to run even the most sophisticated titles, it will also be able to use non-Steam stores and run different operating systems. Pre-orders for Steam Deck opened today, July 16, but several Steam Deck pre-order bugs have led to frustration from potential buyers. The massive influx of potential buyers attracted not only desperate customers, but also resellers looking to buy and resell their Steam Deck pre-orders at exorbitant prices.

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As demonstrated by NPD Group Mat Piscatella On Twitter, numerous pre-orders for the 512GB Steam Deck and other storage options are now being bought and sold on eBay at ridiculous prices. A look at eBay Showcase shows Steam Decks trading for as high as $ 5,000, with an average price appearing to be around $ 1,500. These sellers promise to deliver their pre-ordered Steam Deck to the winning bidder once the console launches in December 2021.

Steam Deck eBay Search Results Prices

While reserved console reselling has inevitably emerged, Valve has taken steps to prevent resellers from pre-ordering the Steam Deck. The system’s pre-order process works on a reservation system, and customers pay a $ 5 fee to reserve a pre-order location. Actual pre-orders will take place later in the year, closer to the Steam Deck launch in December 2021, by those with pre-orders. Reservations and orders are limited to one per account, which acts as a major deterrent for resellers looking to buy the console in bulk for later resale. (This system, along with a large influx of customers to Steam’s servers, resulted in today’s technical difficulties.)

The pre-order process for the Steam Deck has been handled quite well by Valve, but the extreme excitement for the console was bound to cause some problems. It’s hard to stop resellers from making a profit from excitement, but selling pre-orders for more than $ 2,000 is absurd. Unfortunately, since bugs in the Steam store continue to prevent players from ordering the console, many resellers are likely to make significant amounts of money from reselling the Steam Deck, and pre-order reservations may just be the beginning.

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From valvule Steam cover is available to pre-order now and will begin shipping in December 2021.

Fountain: Mat Piscatella / Twitter, eBay

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