What separated The office of other television shows during its run was mockumentary style. The Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin was being filmed for a documentary on life in the workplace. While selling paper doesn’t sound like the most exciting TV content, the excitement and suspense come from the workers.

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The team that documented the lives of these characters for nine years rarely intervened or got involved. However, there were a handful of times when they did. They hinted to Pam that Dwight bought Angela a chocolate bar, and they also showed Jim and Pam that they knew they were secretly dating. But when it came to serious, life-threatening matters, the crew surprisingly stayed on the sidelines.

9 When Roy broke into the office to attack Jim

Roy Bangs Jim - The Office

When Pam told Roy that she kissed Jim after casino night, Roy became the bad boy and ruined a bar, telling his brother that he was going to “kill Jim Halpert”. The next day of the week, the camera crew saw Roy pacing around the parking lot, knowing full well that something bad was going to happen.

Rather than interfere and calm Roy down, they let the drama unfold. Roy walked into the office and pounced on Jim, ready to hit him. Instead of the crew intervening, Dwight saved the day by hitting him.

8 Dwight’s fake fire caused a literal heart attack

Dwight is a smart man, but his dedication to safety in ‘Stress Relief’ turned him into the opposite. After getting upset that the office didn’t listen to his fire safety seminar, he put them to the test and created some kind of fake fire to see how they performed.

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With so much fake smoke entering the office, people began to panic as the camera crew backed off. While the crew had to choose their battles, they should have stepped in once Stanley had a heart attack, the windows were smashed, and Oscar started climbing through the roof …

7 The crew saw Dwight shoot Stanley with a dart and roll him down a ladder

Dwight and Clark quiet Stanely at The Office

When Stanley refused to go on an important sales call with Dwight, Dwight used Clark’s help to force Stanley to go with them. Dwight told the cameras that he was going to reassure Stanley, put him in his car, and take him to the sales call, where he would be awake by then.

The crew did nothing but film Dwight inappropriately firing some darts at Stanley, where he quickly collapsed in the break room. If that wasn’t bad enough, they continued to do nothing as Dwight and Clark wrapped Stanley in bubble wrap, threw him down the stairs and into a car, all against his will.

6 They let Packer deliver lace-up cupcakes …

The motive in Todd Packer’s life is to take things too far and make things as uncomfortable as possible. But the worst thing he ever did was poison a bunch of cupcakes and hand them over to his former co-workers.

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Pam knew a box of Packer cupcakes was too good to be true and warned everyone not to eat them, and she was right. The camera crew interviewed Packer, where he admitted to poisoning the cupcakes as revenge, yet the crew failed to warn the Scranton workers.

5 The crew should have told Michael Jim that he left for an emergency

Dwight and Erin look for Michael around town at The Office

When Jim and Michael stopped at a gas station, Jim received a disturbing phone call from his mother-in-law about their daughter. With Michael in the bathroom, Jim asked a customer to tell Michael that he was gone.

The boss, however, left without telling Michael. Micahel had no wallet and no idea where Jim had gone. Instead of the camera crew telling Michael what happened, they fell silent. Michael then walked through Scranton lost and confused. It was one of Michael’s saddest moments in The office since he had no help.

4 They knew a hit man would come to hurt Oscar

Trevor delivers a fake submarine to the office at The Office

With The office Being a mockumentary, the camera crew’s job was to stay behind and film things as they unfolded with as little interaction with the workers as possible. But when a man’s life is at stake, he should have stepped in.

Fans knew that the accountant had hit a rough patch due to some of the bleakest things Angela said in the past, but the worst thing he did was hire a hit man (Trevor) to hurt Oscar. After finding out that her husband was having an affair with Oscar, Angela hired Trevor to do Oscar’s knees instead of having an endless conversation with both him and her husband. Luckily for Oscar, Dwight stepped in and got Trevor out of there.

3 Creed managed to fire an innocent woman

Michael Scott looking at the watermark in The Office

Creed has to be one of the most secret characters in The office with a mysterious past. Considering that your entire personality has most likely been stolen, it is assumed that you have a criminal record of crimes in your name. But one of his lowest moments was when he couldn’t get his job done, resulting in an obscene watermark on thousands of sheets of paper.

To save his tail, he blamed another woman who was later fired for the mistake. The crew could have saved the woman’s job by leaving the scene, but they did nothing.

two Uncle Al was in danger and they did nothing

Uncle Al talking to Michael at The Office

Phyllis’s wedding to Bob Vance had moments of shame, as well as romantic moments. And one of the most embarrassing moments was when Dwight thought Phyllis’s Uncle Al was a party animal. The camera crew filmed Al wandering the streets at night, looking confused.

Later it was noted that Uncle Al had dementia and that it was a serious situation. Did the camera crew break the fourth wall and bring Uncle Al back to the wedding? No, they let him roam the streets alone until Michael found him.

1 A very bloody creed

In a Halloween episode, Creed walked into work with blood splattered all over his shirt and face. He told cameras that he was lucky it was Halloween, which means that the blood on this body was not fake or intentional.

The crew could have asked Creed more questions considering it looked like he had killed someone or something, but instead they ignored everything and continued as usual. The crew could have easily teamed up with the Scranton police to investigate Creed’s background after all the footage they had.

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