Episode 13 of To Your Eternity brings a new determination for Fushi, as well as a dangerous situation.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for To Your Eternity episode 13, “Aspiring to Go Higher,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Losing Gugu has had a tremendous emotional impact on Fushi in To your eternity. It’s not just that he lost a brother, it also sheds light on his harsh reality – this probably won’t be the last person he’ll have to say goodbye to, and this won’t be the first time he’s left him behind. a loved one.

So in the latest episode of the anime, he does what he thinks is the right choice: to leave everyone behind so that the Nokkers don’t attack them to strengthen his emotional resilience. But Fushi isn’t alone for long before he’s accompanied by an old friend, which only leads to even bigger problems.

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to your creator of eternity and fushi

The “What am I?” The question continues to haunt Fushi in To your eternity, and as he deals with Gugu’s recent disappearance, his immortality feels more and more like a curse in Episode 13. Fushi is no longer sure what his purpose is. He is not even a person in the eyes of his Creator; instead, it is seen as a “mechanism” for collecting and preserving information about the world. The Creator claims that he is essentially Fushi’s ‘father’, but is immediately shot down. Fushi has a parent and is not the Creator. So far, all we (and he) know about them is that they have the faint outline of a girl holding a stuffed animal, but nothing more.

With the Nokkers still behind him in the episode, Fushi tries to turn into inanimate objects to hide from them, but the Creator warns that this puts him at a serious disadvantage. If the Nokkers find him in that state, Fushi will be left with nothing but his initial state, the orb. The Creator adds that he will soon leave Fushi and it will be up to him to defeat the Nokkers. But Fushi is done. He no longer cares about anything or anyone.

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to your eternity pioran follow fushi

This does not last long. Initially, another of Fushi’s friends, Pioran, left Booze Man’s place in favor of traveling with Fushi. But after accompanying Fushi to Takunaha, she ignores his pleas for him to return home, telling him that she wants to make sense of his life by helping him. In the end, Fushi relents but keeps his distance from her. Pioran tries to take care of him by offering him food and making sure he’s warm at night.

Fushi realizes that in order not to see Pioran reach the same end as Gugu, he has to become stronger. He knows that pain is a major factor in his transformations and he slowly assembles himself for when he has to fight the Nokkers again. But it is still not enough.

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Pioran decides that Fushi needs a new environment to train and they travel by boat to get there. However, they are diverted by a young woman who insists on tackling a different one. Immediately, Fushi and Pioran are separated and Fushi is imprisoned. They are taken to a prison island known as Jananda Island, where the worst criminals are kept and no one leaves. While there, Fushi tries and does not find a way to rescue Pioran until the young woman who had purposely deceived them offers him a way to save the old woman: if Fushi wins in the sand on the island, her wish will be granted.

The Creator has continually reiterated that Fushi’s work in To your eternity is to collect information and be a container in which to store that information. During his conversation with Pioran in Episode 13, he realizes that he cannot prevent his friends from dying or himself from living forever. But he will not allow a second death to die by losing them to the Nokkers, thus losing his memories of them. As Pioran herself says, people will only really be dead once they are forgotten. Fushi has grown to the point where he doesn’t want to live life according to the Creator, he wants to become stronger, not for the sake of the world, but for those he cares about.

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