Batman and robin is the worst Batman movie according to Metacritic, and is generally despised by fans for being too cheesy and goofy. The movie doesn’t take the characters seriously, and for a movie that takes place in a fictional city called Gotham, it is surprisingly neon-lit. And perhaps most tragic, there are nipples on the bat suit.

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However, the Joel Schumacher-directed film may not fully deserve the hate it receives, as there is a fanbase that loves the film and there are a few fair reasons why. Between his detailed hands-on sets, clever world-building, and Mr. Freeze’s surprisingly heartfelt story arc, there’s plenty to love. Batman and robin underneath its exaggerated exterior.

10 Doesn’t waste time with origin stories or exposition

The origin of Batman has been told so many times, whether in that of Tim Burton. bat Man or even the near-perfect Christopher Nolan The beginning of batman. It is even in jester, a movie that isn’t even about Batman. However, Batman and robin it goes straight into action, and there’s not a single second wasted on Bruce Wayne whining about the murders of his parents.

In fact, it might be the only time Bruce’s parents are not fully mentioned, and none of his actions as Bruce Wayne are influenced by his sordid past. And while that may not mean much when it comes to character development, it’s very refreshing.

9 George Clooney as Bruce Wayne

George Clooney plays Bruce Wayne in an almost optimistic mansion, which is another first for the character on the big screen. At the time, Clooney was the perfect actor to play Batman, as he is charming, charismatic, and has a great chin. And, if he were in any other movie, his performance would have been praised, but since the script was not up to scratch, it is something the Oscar-winning actor cannot forget.

Even George Clooney himself is still poking fun at the movie, but he played Bruce Wayne, a billionaire playboy, extremely well. And given the fact that fans live in an age where multiverses are one thing, and Michael Keaton returns as Batman in The flash, it would be great to see Clooney again as Bruce Wayne.

8 Gotham is so detailed

Between the practical settings and the CGI of the giant buildings and statues, the construction of the world when it comes to Gotham is certainly deeper in Batman and robin than in any other bat Man movie.

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The locations, between the museum, the science lab, and Arkham Asylum, are very detailed and look like they were straight out of the comics. And best of all are all the evil lairs, as Mr. Freeze hiding in an ice cream factory can be a bit annoying, but there are a lot of things in there.

7 Uma Thurman’s poison ivy is iconic

It may be because Poison Ivy hasn’t been depicted in a movie since then, but when someone thinks of Poison Ivy, they think of the depiction of Uma Thurman in Batman and robin. Poison Ivy was a strong character and as theatrical as she was, she stole every scene, not to mention having the most memorable outfits. And she was a powerful villain, unlike Catwoman from Batman Returns, who just ended up being a damsel in distress that Batman had to save.

6 Campy humor is not lost at all

George Clooney in Batman and Robin

When Batman and robin was released for the first time, it was reviled by critics for its “cheesy”. But it wasn’t like Batman hadn’t been portrayed like this in the past, as the movie is a throwback to Adam West’s. bat Man TV show.

All the theatrical camps of all the actors generally resemble West and Burt Ward (who played Robin in the 1960s), with several open references to the show. And there are a lot of people who prefer that to the infinitely dark and harsh renderings that have come since then.

5 It Lowkey laid the foundation for a cinematic universe

Zack Snyder's Justice League still with all six members lined up

Not everyone loves Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but a League of Justice The movie had been in development for a long time. Even in the zombie movie I’m legend, there’s a poster hanging of a joint Batman and Superman logo on a poster hanging in the dystopian wasteland, so Warner Bros. had been putting the sensors in there for a while.

However, the first hint of a cinematic universe was in Batman and robin, when Batman says, “this is why Superman works alone”, after getting frustrated with Robin. It may have been a throwaway phrase, but since the two heroes had never been established to be in the same universe before, it was still exciting regardless of the quality of the movie.

4 The images are dazzling

Gotham doesn’t tend to be that colorful, and the track is even in the name, as Gotham is usually full of dark alleys and gargoyles mounted on brick buildings.

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However, bat Man & Robin it is one of the most colorful movies out there. Schumacher’s Gotham is so neon-filled with so many reds and greens, and it’s visually rewarding when the characters race through the streets. And even when it comes to Gotham’s gangs, they’re all drenched in body paint, and it almost looks like a modern take on The Warriors.

3 Batman and Robin breaking up

Although the movie that is titled Batman and robin making it seem like the two are working together, the movie quickly establishes that there are trouble in paradise. Between Batman envying Superman for working alone and turning Robin’s motorcycle off before taking the leap when he goes after Mr. Freeze, there’s definitely some animosity there.

Also, it seemed like the movie was setting up Robin turning into Nightwing and becoming his own vigilante in a very subtle way. Although the follow-up movie was canned, it would have been great to see an additional break in the relationship and see Robin change his name as Nightwing.

two Mr. Freeze Story Arc

Arnold Schwarzeneggar Mr Freeze Batman and Robin MacGregor Syndrome

The character of Mr. Freeze in Batman and robin It’s generally considered a laughingstock due to the cheesy puns and Schwarzenegger’s delivery of those same puns. However, the story arc of him trying to save his wife is the emotional backbone of the entire film. The narrative was taken from Batman: The Animated Series episode “Heart of Ice”. And aside from the heartfelt motivation, the blue outfit Freeze wears is just as visually striking as well, and again evokes the look of the 1966 version of the villain.

1 The bat family

Dick Grayson and Barbara Wilson in Batman and Robin

what’s more Batman and Robin – and to a lesser degree, Batman Forever – Batman has always worked only in the movies, aside from the trustworthy help of Alfred. Watching Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson and Bruce work together is a lot of fun and they work together really well. And yet League of Justice finally saw the release after years and years of development, there is still much more chemistry between the characters of Batman and robin than the 2017 movie and even Zack Snyder’s 2021 re-release.

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