Black widow ended with a surprising bridge to the next Hawkeye The Disney + series is due out later this year. While much of that series remains a mystery, it will likely draw on Clint Barton’s rich comic book history, which comic book fans know is much more complicated and colorful than the MCU has so far indicated.

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Hawkeye has been an important part of the Avengers lore since the 1960s and has also been linked to some of the most important comic book stories in Marvel history. As comprehensive as it is to both the comics and the MCU, large chunks of its comic book history remain intact for the screen, but could still find their way there.

10 It started out as a villain

Comic book fans know that Black Widow started out as a villain, but they probably don’t know that Hawkeye did too. Clint Barton actually started out as an accomplice to Black Widow, having met her while on the run from the law. Their relationship would prove critical to both of them, as both eventually rejected their lives as criminals and spies and eventually found their way to the Avengers. Hawkeye first appeared in Tales of suspense # 57 in 1964.

9 I had a romantic interest in the scarlet witch

Hawkeye’s relationship with Black Widow is one of the most important in the Avengers comics, and the two have been lovers from time to time. But Hawkeye was also interested in his teammate, the Scarlet Witch. Hawkeye developed feelings for Wanda Maximoff shortly after she joined the team in Avengers #sixteen. It was one of the weirdest Avengers romances, mainly because of how different they were. Stranger still was their romantic encounter after the House of M story, where Wanda actually killed Hawkeye.

8 He was married to nightingale

MCU fans know that Hawkeye is one of the few members of the team who is married with children. In the comics, his wife is Mockingbird and a partner in the Avengers. He met Bobbi Morse in the first issue of his original solo series in 1983. They married shortly after. The two became founding members of the West Coast Avengers and were side by side on many adventures until their death in Avengers West Coast # 100. Mockingbird would eventually return and he is one of the most important spies in the Marvel Universe.

7 Formed The Avengers of the West Coast

Hawkeye has been an important member of the Avengers since the early days, and he was also the founder of their first true splinter group, the West Coast Avengers. That team was installed in California and focused on the threats in the west.

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The West Coast Avengers came together in 1984 and boast one of the best Avengers rosters ever, including Hawkeye, Mockingbird, War Machine, and ultimately Agent USA, The Vision, and Scarlet. Witch. Clint would remain an important member of the team for most of his career.

6 It was the second Goliath

At one point during his first term with the Avengers, Hawkeye turns into Goliath. On Avengers # 63, takes on the persona after Hank Pym, who had also previously been Ant-Man, resigned from the role. Clint Barton left his Hawkeye identity behind for a time after his bow broke. Barton would remain as Goliath for a relatively long time, keeping the name until number 109, when his rivalry with The Vision for the Scarlet Witch’s affections would remove him from the team.

5 Leader of the Thunderbolts

One aspect of his comic book story that could influence the MCU eventually is Hawkeye’s leadership of the Thunderbolts. Several comic book characters are potential candidates for the MCU’s Thunderbolts team, and Hawkeye is one. Clint Barton assumes leadership of the team in 1999, after the group, which had been Masters of Evil in superhero disguise, turned its back on its former leader, Baron Zemo. Hawkeye would remain with the team for several years until the early 2000s.

4 The scarlet witch killed him

Scarlet Witch destroys in Avengers Disassembled.

Barton’s tenure with the Thunderbolts and his life ended in catastrophic history. Avengers disassembled. Comic book fans know that the Scarlet Witch is unhinged in this story after learning that her children, Billy and Tommy Maximoff, never existed. This leads to a tragic sequence of events, including the death of Clint Barton. The Scarlet Witch used her tremendous reality-altering powers to conjure a Kree warship over New York City and Hawkeye sacrificed himself to destroy it before anyone else was injured.

3 Kill the Incredible Hulk

Hawkeye kills the Hulk in Civil War II

Hawkeye has also been involved in his part of the tragedy against other Avengers. In the comic book crossover Second Civil War, kill the Incredible Hulk. He does so after having a vision in which the Hulk destroys the world. Additionally, his actions sparked another major superhero conflict.

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Bruce Banner’s death and resurrection would eventually translate into The Immortal Hulk in the comics, which would have devastating consequences for the Avengers and Barton in particular. Although he was charged with the murder, he was ultimately acquitted.

two Served the time variation authority

Fantastic Four Vol 1353 Time Variance Authority Null-Time Zone Large clock on a building in space

Although Hawkeye has no role in the Loki series, has a comic book connection with Time Variance Authority. After he was killed in the comics at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, the TVA actually tracked down a version of him in the past and called him in to serve on a jury. At this time, the TVA was using people from the time just before they died in time travel related cases. She-Hulk works as an advocate on a case and tries to tell the past Hawkeye about her eventual fate, but is ultimately unsuccessful.

1 Pizza Dog

Lucky the Pizza Dog - Best Marvel Companions

Hawkeye has been around for a long time, but it was part of one of the most unique comic book issues of the last ten years. “Pizza Dog” by Hawkeye # 11 in 2012 is narrated entirely from the perspective of Lucky, who can only communicate with barks and gestures with both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. This takes Hawkeye on a fun and witty adventure through his neighborhood that is the highlight of an excellent series from writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja.

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