When the Sinister War begins, Doctor Strange does his best in an attempt to save the soul of his fellow Avenger, Spider-Man.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for VC’s Sinister War # 1, from Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy, John Dell, Andy Owens, Brian Reber and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Peter Parker’s life has been more complicated than ever in recent years, and all his trials and tribulations are starting to come to a head in Sinister war. The events leading up to this moment have been going on much longer than even Spider-Man realizes, and the dire forces at play go all the way to Mephisto, Marvel’s demonic Helllord. Fortunately, Peter has a powerful ally who fights for him from the shadows in Doctor Strange, and faces Mephisto himself to try to save Spider-Man’s soul.

Almost every turn in Peter Parker’s life recently seems to have been for the worse. As Peter teams up with Mary Jane for one of her many red carpet appearances, his enemies are far less relaxed as they prepare for an attack that could tear Spider-Man apart. Fortunately for Peter Parker, Doctor Strange is alongside the devil trying to fix things. The threat posed by the vampire vampire, as well as the villain’s ongoing attack on Peter Parker and his loved ones, has sent Doctor Strange to the Inferno Hotel to investigate. Although the Sorcerer Supreme doesn’t know exactly what started this all, he knows that it started when the devil took something from the spider-headed Avenger.

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Following the events of Civil warSpider-Man’s secret identity had been revealed to the world, and that put his loved ones in the crosshairs of every villain with an ax to grind against the wall-crawler. It didn’t take long for Wilson Fisk to send someone to kill Peter Parker at his home, but when the shooter struck Aunt May, he sent the hero down a dark path in a desperate attempt to save her. With even Doctor Strange unable to rectify the situation, Peter made a fateful deal with the devil. And from 2008 Amazing spider man # 545 by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada watched Mephisto trade Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage for the life of Aunt May, in the process removing all knowledge of Spider-Man’s true identity from the minds of the public and the public. while setting the stage for what is happening. now.

Doctor Strange may not have been able to save Aunt May’s life back then, but now he’s not going to give up on saving Peter’s soul. Doctor Strange has examined Peter’s soul and seen his suffering and loss, though he still doesn’t understand what could make Peter come to terms with Mephisto. As such, Strange has no idea how much is at stake, but that won’t stop him from doing what he can, even if it means making his own deal with the devil.

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Mephisto reminds Strange that he doesn’t take anything from anyone who doesn’t volunteer to him before reminding the hero of his fondness for gambling. Among the many gaming tables and slot machines at the Hotel Inferno, the devil and the doctor settle at a craps table for what will surely not be too friendly a game of chance.

The odds are surely not in the Sorcerer Supreme’s favor, but with so much to lose already down the line, it’s hard to imagine that he’s not willing to spin the wheel at least once.

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