Armor Wars star Don Cheadle shares an update on his War Machine Disney + solo series and reveals that he won’t start filming until next year.

Don Cheadle reveals Armor wars He won’t start filming until next year. Marvel Studios announced in late 2020 that Cheadle will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and star in a solo project as James Rhodes. Disney + solo War Machine series to adapt famous Iron Man comic book story Armor wars. The show comes after Cheadle has spent more than a decade as a supporting character in the MCU, including his brief Emmy-nominated role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The announcement of Armor wars It was an exciting time for many fans, even if the adaptation likely won’t include Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. Instead, his legacy is expected to be a big part of the show, as Rhodey potentially has to deal with how he other people are using Stark technology. There hasn’t been much news about Armor wars since it was announced, however. The show has no confirmed writers, directors, or co-stars for Cheadle. Now, the star has provided an update on when the show will begin filming.

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Cheadle is currently out of press for his role in Warner Bros. ‘ Space Jam: a new legacy, but have been repeatedly asked about Armor wars also during the promotional tour. He said they are just beginning to decipher the story, and a new interview with AP Entertainment includes an update on the filming. Unfortunately for those who wait Armor wars Coming sooner rather than later, Cheadle has revealed that production probably won’t start until 2022. Here’s what he had to say about the series:

It is going to be interesting. We are just talking about what that program will be. We’ll probably start filming sometime next year and we’re figuring out the story right now. Decide how that trip will be, what will be the iteration of this. Obviously, if people know about Armor Wars, they will know what the series is about. But it’s also figuring out how to establish and delve into who Rhodey is because we haven’t really seen much of that in the movies.

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The news that Armor wars It won’t start filming until 2022 will likely come as a surprise to those who have been following the development of the show. Despite the limited information released about the series, Cheadle said in early 2021 that Armor wars He started filming in a few months. It is unclear what caused this delay for Armor wars. The story could have changed from what Marvel was originally planning and delayed the series, or maybe Cheadle was wrong earlier about when filming would begin.

With Armor wars will not go into production until next year, the show will likely be among the group of MCU shows that will debut on Disney + in 2023. Marvel’s regular filming schedules have been affected by COVID-19, but traditionally begin production of his movies and shows about a year before they are released. That would put Armor wars on track for an early release date of 2023. As the show continues to progress, hopefully there will be plenty of updates on the cast and story before production begins.

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