F9tens of 5.5 on IMDb Y 59% in rotten tomatoes show that fans and critics alike are divided about the movie. The divided reception has also leaked to Reddit, where there are some conflicting opinions on the latest installment of the film.

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However, most of the fans on the forum seem to be satisfied after leaving the theater. Whether it’s the humor or the speeding cars, there’s a lot of praise, with many arguing that things shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

10 Stunts and action scenes

Dom's car is thrown down a ravine in Fast 9

Reward PTS_2· States that although most action scenes and action sequences “defy common sense and physics”, they are very enjoyable.

In fact, it is true that the movie does have some cheesy action sequences. The ridiculous slingshot of the Dodge Charger Hellcat through a ravine in Montequinto is one of the weirdest action sequences in the franchise, but it’s amazing nonetheless. And also Dom flips a 16-wheeler with a saloon car. These scenes from the movie were made to top everything that had been done before, and they are mostly successful, which makes this particular installment stand out.

9 The nod to Brian O’Conner

Brian's car pulls up in the driveway at Fast 9

At the end of the movie, Dom asks little Brian to pause before thanking them that someone special is about to join them. Brian O’Conner’s Nissan Skyline then pulls up in the driveway. Shamelessly called Redditor y_yet_other_user· Highlight this as one of the best things about the movie.

Although Brian can no longer participate in the heists, fans can always feel his presence throughout the films as directors find ways to pay tribute to Paul Walker (who sadly passed away in 2013). Even though the family has grown, with additions like Deckard Shaw and Jakob now included in the Toretto family, Brian is not to be forgotten and that is with this scene that it is intended to emphasize.

8 Dom and Jakob’s Background Stories

Dom and Jakob are staring at F9

F9 explores the backstories of Dom and Jakob Toretto, with Vinnie Bennet and Finn Cole playing the younger versions of the characters. None of them look like previous versions of the characters, but GlobalPhreak he confesses to enjoying how “grounded and moving their stories were.”

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The ’80s scenes are welcome breaks from the high-octane action. It is during these scenes that the film is at its narrative peak. The reason for the rivalry is explained in detail, making it easier to understand the rest of the plot. F9 It has a dearth of emotional moments, but thankfully, there is one at the beginning of the film when young Jakob and Dom watch their father die in a car accident.

7 The space mission plus everything related to Roman and Tej

Fast and Furious 9 Tej and Roman in a space car

According to Reddit user retroX4, “Roman and Tej are the two best characters” in the franchise and they proved it again in this movie. The user highlights his jokes to praise, especially Roman’s analysis of the crew’s invisibility and immortality. The trip into space is also described as a strange and welcome high for the franchise.

Rumors that the franchise was heading into space seemed like a joke a few years ago, but it finally happened. Although they depart from Earth in a modified Pontiac Fiero, Roman and Tej’s Yuri Gagarin moment is not nearly as ridiculous as the public assumed it would be. Credit to both of them for having the best sibling bond since Dom and Brian.

6 Deckard Shaw’s cameo in the post-credit scene

The post-credits scene plays out perfectly. Someone is throwing fists at a punching bag only for the camera to reveal that it is none other than Deckard Shaw. Then someone calls. It’s Han, and Shaw seems to have seen a ghost. This is a wonderful moment according to User account 1random_redditor, and many fans agree.

During its long running time, the film ignores its spin-off and two characters who helped popularize it: Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. It’s a relief to finally see Deckard. They have waited so many years to face Deckard is one of the things that does not make sense. F9 But fans are happy that his dispute with Deckard is finally addressed. More of that is expected to unfold in Fast 10 or Hobbs and Shaw 2.

5 The focus on cars

Dom uses his 2020 Toyota Supra to flip Otto's 16-wheeler in Fast 9

One of the things that impress Reward Spacetime_InspectorIt’s the film’s heavy focus on cars, compared to more recent installments, which have prioritized spying and fighting. User iamaparade· Adds that the director was attentive enough to “include a career,” one of the things that made the franchise great.

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In fact, it’s worth acknowledging that although it’s aimed at casual fans Fast 9 does not forget about true car lovers. More than 24 different models are presented. There is even a Dodge Charger Hellacious that was made specifically for the movie. The directors of the Fast and Furious The franchise always chooses expensive cars and changes them frequently, adding to the overall glamor of the proceedings.

4 Ramsey Screentime

Ramsey drives a truck in F9

Ramsey isn’t just a hacker dealing with the Eye of God this time. She is in on the action and even becomes a driver. Apathymonger, Reddit user He admits that they were “happy that Nathalie Emmanuel had more to do” and to see how Ramsey influenced the proceedings more.

Although being a talented hacker still suits Ramsey, her participation in the Edinburgh chase scenes provides comic relief, a burden that had previously been placed on Tej and Parker. In a typical Fast and Furious In this way, he goes from not knowing how to drive to running through the streets. Given that the writers of the Fast and Furious franchise often neglect some of the best female characters, including Cipher, Ramsey’s continued presence is definitely a must.

3 John Cena performance

Zip lines Jakob in F9

A rewardingoldinCouFeel Concludes John Cena’s performance as Jakob Toretto is better than expected. On various occasions, the movies often see the villain reformed in some way, which happens with Jakob.

Good Dinner is still as interesting as Bad Dinner. The WWE star has slowly established himself as an action star. He has other big movies on the way and his performance here has fans looking forward to what’s next. There will always be comparisons to Dwayne Johnson, but Cena manages to differentiate himself by sticking to his strengths.

two The inclusion of the Tokyo Drift Crew

Sean and Twinkie in Tokyo Drift

Tokyo drift Characters Sean Boswell and Twinkie play a key role, helping Tej and Roman set up their rocket car. Reddit user Iveseenfootag3 he likes scenes that involve both of them. Han’s return is also a pleasant surprise. ·

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The film’s overall nod to each of the past installments is something that’s guaranteed to appeal to fans who have been there all along. Hobbs is the only character who is not recognized, but audiences will have no problem with that, as he is expected to still be heavily involved in the franchise through the spin-off.

1 The film’s recognition of its own cheesy

f9 roman and dom

One thing rewarding nndomperson590I like about F9 is that it does not deny the fact that it is corny. After Roman comes out with a scratch after being shot by more than 15 soldiers, he goes on to suggest that maybe the crew have special abilities.

Self-awareness of the film helps to set aside all the suggestions that the franchise is realistic. Roman’s monologue lets viewers know that the director and writers are doing it all on purpose. There is no need to be angry about it. The best way to enjoy movies like this is to just sit back and enjoy.

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