Chloe Love’s role as a spiritual hostess in Ghost Reaper Girl is nothing like any other manga character who is possessed and gains power from a parasite.

The vast majority of sleeve involving some kind of creature entering the hero’s body and granting powers to the host, follows a particular pattern, but a series called Ghost girl reaper you are deviating from the norm. It’s refreshing, especially since this particular trope is becoming immensely popular.

Without doubt, the most infamous example of the so-called heroic host is Parasyte. Even though the titular shape-shifting alien parasites are supposed to take over the host’s body, their failure in this endeavor causes the host to gain the parasite’s abilities while forcing the invading alien to share the same body. This strange situation happens to Shinichi Izumi when a parasite that he later names Migi accidentally infests his right hand, allowing Shinichi to use Migi’s disgusting power on that very hand.

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Ghost girl reaper takes this kind of host / parasite relationship to another level. The protagonist Chloe Love not only gains the power of the spirits that possess her, but her appearance, usually in terms of clothing, also changes to some extent. Normally, the spirits would take full control over her body, but the two spirits that she allows to possess her are her friends and are more than eager to unleash her for a variety of reasons. The spirit Kai Iod is a fan of Chloe’s work as a failed C-list actor, while Noel Ulthar sees Chloe as his teacher for showing her kindness. But most important of all, it is because of how perfect she is as a recipient that makes them willing to give up control. Her spirit vessel abilities are so alluring and seductive to spirits that Chloe is forced to perpetually reject them as they attempt to possess her.

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During the possession of Kai Iod, Chloe dons her gothic garb and becomes proficient in the art of the scythe, as evidenced by the way she wields a chained scythe that materializes out of nowhere. Since Noel Ulthar was originally a cat, he grants Chloe her feline abilities. In these cases, both Kai and Noel can communicate from a particular area of ​​transformation in much the same way as Migi talking to Shinichi Izumi of his right hand.

A more recent example of a manga that does not emulate this communicative characteristic is Kaiju number 8 where Kafka Hibino transforms into one of the manga’s titular monsters by swallowing a strange mosquito-like creature. Unlike Chloe, Kafka can suppress the transformation and the parasite does not speak to him.

Honestly, Ghost girl reaperThe heroic host trope interpretation shares more similarities with possessions that cause the host to undergo a transformation. However, the parasite is almost always in control in these cases and cannot necessarily use the original powers it wielded prior to possession. The best example of this is in Dragon Ball GT, when the villain Baby takes over Vegeta’s body, causing the Saiyan to drastically change in appearance as Baby becomes more powerful. Baby Vegeta may look different and possess incredible new powers, but Baby is in total control. On Jujutsu Kaisen, the powerful cursed spirit Sukuna possesses Yuji Itadori’s body and gives him a boost of power, but struggles to control Yuji. Every time Sukuna gains control, Yuji transforms. But when Yuji suppresses Sukuna, he stops transforming.

In truth, there is nothing like Ghost girl reaper. Upon its possession, Chloe transforms, acquires incredible abilities, maintains control of her body, and communicates with her possessors, who even leave her body when they are no longer needed. All hosts in others sleeve The series only shares a few of these qualities, mainly because her parasites are hostile, while Chloe is actually friends with her.

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