Former RHOC star Braunwyn and Sean deny claims that they are being evicted from their Newport Beach rental after failing to pay their three-month rent.

Previous Real Housewives of Orange County Stars Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her ex-husband Sean deny claims that they have been evicted from their Newport beach rental. Braunwyn caused a sensation during her two seasons as a stay-at-home mom. It collided with just about everyone during its first season, but it was its second season that left the biggest impression among fans of the show. Over the course of this season, she came out as an alcoholic and a lesbian. Fans were quite confused as to how she was able to stay married to her husband and at the same time enter into a relationship with his girlfriend Kris. She received some hate when she said that she would not be comfortable with her husband dating another woman, and people were calling her a hypocrite as she was already dating someone else.

Despite stating for quite some time that they did not want a divorce, the couple recently announced that they are going in that direction. During a recent Instagram live, Braunwyn told fans that she will be moving to Hawaii for the summer, leaving Sean behind as they decided to part ways as a couple. She stated that the couple are packing up their rental home and that Sean will be moving to a different rental property in Newport Beach. When Braunwyn came out with these claims, the owner of the home he is currently renting hinted that the couple might not move in on their own terms. According to her, the couple are more than $ 40,000 behind in rent and are being evicted.

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Braunwyn and Sean are now responding to these rumors, denying any claims that they are facing eviction. In a statement to US Weekly, the couple’s representative stated that Braunwyn and Sean were unaware of the complaint against them before reading it in the press. They claim that they were never personally informed of any problems that may or may not have been present, and deny any wrongdoing on their part. The statement also made it clear that the couple have spoken with their legal team and are working with them to find out what they can do to correct the problem.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke The Real Housewives of Orange County

The owner of the home in question, Karen Ogden, had a great response to Braunwyn and Sean’s denial of their earlier claims. She kept her original point and contends that Sean and Braunwyn have not paid their rent for three months and are, in fact, being evicted. She claims that the two of them have put her in a terrible position that she just wants to finally break free from. In her response, Karen further explained that the couple has continually told Karen lies about their financial situation, and given her different reasons why they were unable to pay. He just wants to get the house back and eventually get rid of the mess Braunwyn has created for him.

The stress that this new eviction rumor is causing in the family could well be the last straw for this family. They’ve been through more changes than most in recent years, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better for them. Braunwyn and Sean have said multiple times that they don’t plan on getting divorced, but these new stressors in their lives may be too much for them. However, they could keep their word and embody a real-life version of fiction. Modern Family. It would have been fun to see it on TV screens, but fans will have to settle for keeping up with the family via social media and various headlines.

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