The Steam Deck’s affordable price was very “painful” for Valve, according to Gabe Newell, but it was critical to competing with other platforms.

The affordable price tag on the next Valve Steam cover was a “painful“necessity, according to Gabe Newell. Valve surprised the gaming community with the announcement of the Steam Deck, which is a portable gaming device that should allow fans to take their PC games on the go. Pre-orders for the unexpected system laptop have already been published.

Steam Deck will launch later this year and will have several models at different prices, with a high-end price tag of $ 649.99. The top-end model comes with an SSD and increased storage capacity, as well as a few other exclusive and premium perks, but each model is the same in terms of overall performance. That said, it was apparently quite difficult for Valve to decide on the price of the new handheld, as vital as that factor is to remaining competitive in the modern gaming market.

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Valve President Gabe Newell spoke with IGN about the key factors to make the console. The first was its performance and enjoyment, the second was the price. He noted that it was “painful“but very”critical“looks due to the long-term potential of the console and not wanting to kill the opportunity by being unappealingly priced. Since the Steam Deck has quite a bit of power inside it, it’s not hard to imagine how difficult it could be to sell the machine to a Such a low price However, if the console lives up to its potential, the affordable price could probably pay dividends.

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In a separate interview, Valve’s chief hardware officer, Shreya Liu, noted that price was so important that the console was designed with the intention of hitting that $ 399.99 range from the start. Given that the Nintendo Switch OLED is only $ 50 less and will likely outperform the console in terms of power, it’s pretty impressive. It is not clear how much it is costing Valve, but it is clearly an investment in the future and the company does not want to be canceled as it happened with Steam Machine.

The Steam cover It also acts like a portable Xbox in a way, as the handheld isn’t limited to just Steam. It is designed to function as a full PC and you can download other applications without restrictions. In theory, this includes the Xbox app on PC. Games like Infinite halo It will also be on Steam this fall, so it has a considerable advantage over other consoles in terms of game availability. Whether or not it can succeed in this competitive market remains to be seen, but so far, there is a lot of hype about it.

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Fountain: IGN

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