While it wasn’t the first time the Man of Steel had been seen in live action, the 1950s series The Adventures of Superman stands out as one of the most iconic depictions of the last son of Krypton. The image of George Reeves in the classic suit is as prevalent today as the images of Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill from Superman. And rightly so, much of what people think of when it comes to Superman can be seen in all six seasons of the beloved show from the 1950s.

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But with 104 episodes, it can be difficult to watch them all, especially since so many of the stories can seem quite dated these days. So which episodes are the best for someone who wants to dive into the waters of Superman? Thanks to IMDb users, we know which episodes are the best.

10 “Superman in Exile” offers viewers a Superman who is too deadly to be around (8.3)

Adventures of Superman Superman in exile

Due to the restrictive special effects and budget of 1950s television, The Adventures of Superman It didn’t feature the Man of Tomorrow’s best-known villains, so the show’s writers had to come up with a variety of ways to challenge Superman, including irradiation.

In the season 2 episode “Superman in Exile”, Superman is unable to approach any humans after his job to prevent a disaster at an atomic facility that has left him bathed in radiation. Knowing that the Man of Steel cannot come and save the day, a group of criminals kidnaps Lois Lane.

9 “Five Minutes To Doom” has a super detective job (8.3)

Adventures of Superman Five Minutes to Doom

The season 2 premiere, “Five Minutes to Doom,” sees Clark Kent and Lois Lane interviewing a man on death row. When Clark uses his Superman powers to track the pulse of the walking dead man, he becomes convinced that the wrong man has been doomed.

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Clark and Lois have little time to prove the man’s innocence and, making it harder for them, the real killer is after them and trying to take their lives. “Five Minutes to Spare” comes to an intense conclusion when Superman runs to save a man’s life from the electric chair.

8 “All that glitters” is like a story straight out of the comics (8.4)

Adventures of Superman All That Glitters

The series’ final episode, “All That Glitters” plays on a common comic book trope: Superman’s friends gain powers. In this story, Professor Pepperwinkle uses a device to give Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen the same powers as Superman.

Professor Pepperwinkle has found that while kryptonite has been known to take away Superman’s powers, it can also empower people. Lois and Jimmy take the professor’s “positive kryptonite pills” and become superheroes. Lois and Jimmy rush into the hero’s life before a fairly smooth twist ends their new careers.

7 “Around The World Superman” unites a family (8.4)

Adventures of Superman George Reeves

When a blind girl wins a contest to fly around the world with Superman, the Man of Steel sees that there is more to this girl’s family history than they are willing to say. Not only does Superman travel the entire planet to find the girl’s missing father so the whole family can be reunited, but he also uses his powers to heal the girl’s eyes, restoring her sight.

Coming from season 2, “Around the World with Superman” is a great example of how the Last Son of Krypton’s real power is the ability to see the good in everyone. Although, it is also helpful to be able to use your X-ray vision to heal the blind.

6 “The defeat of Superman” forces Lois and Jimmy to step forward (8.4)

Superman Adventure Superman Defeat

After spending years in exile thanks to Superman, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen, crime lord Happy King finally returns to the great city of Metropolis with a European scientist who has learned to synthesize kryptonite which, unlike synthetic kryptonite from Superman iii, it really works.

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Happy and the scientist can trap Superman, Lois and Jimmy in a basement with the synthetic kryptonite. Weakened and growing weaker, Superman can’t save himself or his friends, and it seems like they’re all destined to starve in Happy King’s basement. What makes this season 2 episode great is that it’s up to Lois and Jimmy to save the day.

5 “Panic in the Sky” makes Superman forget who he is (8.5)

Adventures of Superman Panic in the Sky

When Earth is under threat from a huge asteroid that kills all life, Superman flies in to save the day. Superman collides with the asteroid in hopes of going through it, but instead suffers a head injury and ends up with partial amnesia; remembers his life as a reporter Clark Kent but does not remember his life as Superman.

The asteroid begins to orbit the Earth, still threatening to be pulled by the planet’s gravity and kill everyone. The only way to save the day is for Superman to take a specially made explosive device to the asteroid and shoot and ArmageddonBut no one knows where he is, not even Clark Kent.

4 “The Face & the Voice” has George Reeves working twice as long (8.5)

Adventures of Superman The Face and the Voice

A bully named Boulder undergoes plastic surgery and works with a voice coach so he can look and sound like Superman. Once the imitation is perfected, Boulder crime bosses send him in a Superman costume with a bulletproof vest underneath to rob stores. At first, the real Superman fears he is committing these strange crimes in his sleep, but once he discovers the truth, the Man of Steel searches for his impostor and ends the plot.

What makes this episode stand out from so many others is that George Reeves does double duty as Superman and Boulder. Watching the episode, it’s clear that Reeves loves getting the chance to play a goofy criminal.

3 “The Stolen Costume” makes Superman do something pretty evil (8.5)

Superman The Stolen Adventures Costume

When a thief finds the Superman costume in a hidden compartment of Clark Kent’s apartment, he decides to inform his friends, but suffers a fatal wound while on the run from the police. Still, the thief’s friends now have the Superman costume and know where he lives.

To make sure his secret identity is kept secret, Superman grabs the two living criminals who know his real name and imprisons them in a mountaintop cabin for the rest of their natural lives. Superman holding people prisoner for eternity seems like one of the worst things he could do.

two “Superman’s Wife” puts Superman in a deadly position (8.6)

Adventures of Superman, Superman's wife

When Mister X, a new crime boss in Metropolis, proves to be so secretive that even his own thugs don’t know his true identity, Superman does the only thing he can think of to do; marries Police Sgt. Helen J. O’Hara.

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The plan, as Superman and Sergeant O’Hara see it, is that Mister X will kidnap Superman’s wife as a way to try to stop the Man of Steel from interfering with his nefarious plans, allowing O’Hara to know his true. identity. Sure enough, Mister X does exactly what Superman and O’Hara had planned, but what the heroes didn’t expect was that Mister X had a second plan: to catch Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White at the bottom. of the ocean. Superman can escape the trap, but if he does, his friends will drown.

1 “The Perils of Superman” is the closest thing the show has come close to being like the comics (8.7)

Adventures of Superman The Dangers of Superman

A criminal who spent years in prison thanks to Superman and the staff of the Daily Planet, returns to get revenge and to make sure Superman cannot find out who he or his crew is, they all wear lead masks. The criminal manages to capture Lois, Jimmy, Perry White and even Clark Kent, putting them into death traps reminiscent of the old movie series he loves, with each member of the newspaper facing a different doom.

What makes this season 6 episode so popular is that top masked criminals and deadly traps make it the closest The Adventures of Superman it was once like the comic.

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