Wizards of the Coast has announced that characters from the ’80s Dungeons & Dragons action figure set will appear in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.

The next The wild beyond the witches’ light adventure for Dungeons and Dragons will feature some faces familiar to old-school fans of the series, as some of the D&D Action figures from the 80s will appear in the story. D&D experienced its best sales year in 2020, but the game has been around for a long time, with the first edition debuting in ’74.

The D&D Action figures debuted in ’83, with characters created specifically for the toy line. This was before D&D It had many of its iconic characters that fans are familiar with today, so it made sense to introduce new heroes and villains to the action figure line. These included characters like Warduke the Fighter, Kelek the Sorcerer, and Strongheart the Paladin. The characters had playable appearances in the D&D adventures like Search for Heartstone. A second series of figures was released in ’84, but they received a more limited run and the line was canceled.

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Some of the kids who were fans of the D&D The action figures would later work for Wizards of the Coast. This gave them the opportunity to bring back the characters of the action figures, and some of them appeared in the official publication. D&D mini sets. The action figures will soon make their debut in the fifth edition, as part of an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Bell.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Action Figures Visit Carnival

Wild Beyond The Witchlight Dungeons & Dragons Carriage

Wizards of the Coast has revealed in a press release for the next The wild beyond the witches’ light campaign that some of the action figure characters will appear in the story. These include Warduke, Strongheart, and Kelek. It’s unclear in what capacity these characters will appear, but players will likely meet them at an amusement park. The wild beyond the witches’ light involves the Carnival of the Witches’ Light, which players will visit at the beginning of the adventure. It is possible for the party to compete against retro D&D characters in minigames.

The press release mentioned that another classic D&D Characters from the ’80s will appear, and there are some obvious candidates. There was a popular Dungeons and Dragons cartoon in the 1980s, which began with real-world children entering a D&D world through a ride in an amusement park. Perhaps the Carnival of the Light of the Witches involves the children of the Forgotten Realms being sent to the real world, where they will have to complete dangerous adventures like filing their taxes on time or keeping up with their mortgage payments.

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The wild beyond the witches’ light It will be released on September 21, 2021.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

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