Looney Tunes veteran and character designer Dave Alvarez shares his frustration at not being credited in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Dave Alvarez, one of the character designers of Space Jam: a new legacy, was uncredited in the film.

In a friends-only Facebook post that he later captured and shared publicly via his Twitter account, Álvarez expressed serious disappointment and frustration that his work on the film, much of which became the final product, was not credited. . With an image of his various design files for the film attached, Álvarez wrote: “I just want to post this … Last night my family and I sat down to watch Space jam. My kids were excited to see the movie ‘Daddy Helped Make’ only to find that … my name was omitted from the end credits. “

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“At first I thought maybe I had lost it, but … no … we checked 3 times and I’m just not there,” Alvarez said. “I am devastated. I worked hard in the summer of 2019 to help the team with many designs that were actually USED in the final product. When I started my career, one of my goals was to see my name on the big screen … and that moment was taken from me and it will never come back. My kids were frustrated and so am I now. “

Álvarez has been involved with many Looney tunes projects over the past three decades. He illustrated his first variant cover for the first issue of DC’s Looney tunes comic series in 1994 and since then he has worked as a cartoonist, colorist, inker, and general artist in various Looney tunes comics for DC, including the Harley Quinn / Gossamer Y Jonah Hex / Yosemite Sam crossover specials.

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On the television animation side, he has been credited as character designer for the current Looney Tunes Drawings series on HBO Max and Cartoon Network series 2011-2014 The looney tunes show. He was also a storyboard cleaning artist at The looney tunes show and Boomerang series 2015-2020 Wabbit! / New Looney Tunes and worked on reboots of other classic cartoons for Warner Bros. Animation, such as Tom and Jerry Y The Flintstones.

Space Jam: a new legacy is currently in theaters, recently dethroning Marvel Black widow at the top of the box office this weekend. Animation fans have taken note and share Alvarez’s frustrations in using the hashtags #CreditDave and #CreditDaveAlvarez on Twitter in hopes of pressuring Warner Bros. to properly credit Alvarez.

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