The DC Universe sets itself apart from the Marvel landscape by featuring the main companions of some of the company’s best-known heroes. However, if the concept were more widely applied to Marvel Comics, there are a variety of powerful crime fighters in DC that could fit the roles well.

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They may thematically match the mightiest of Marvel, or be able to learn a thing or two about this new universe from seasoned heroes. Some may very well face off, but ultimately these teams will ensure that the Marvel hero receives maximum support and that the DC vigilante has a chance in a new environment.

10 Zatanna to the Scarlet Witch

Black canary and zatanna

Zatanna is an incredibly powerful sorceress in her own right, but no one matches the power and great potential of The Scarlet Witch. Both a magic user and a Mutant, Scarlet Witch is almost a cosmic deity, often described as a Nexus Being that could destabilize reality itself.

Zatanna continues to hone her craft and has shown that she is a very fast learner. She would be very supportive of The Scarlet Witch and perhaps bring some of her own knowledge of the DC Universe. He would also learn a lot from one of Marvel’s most dangerous mutants.

9 Booster Gold to Wonder Man

Booster Gold in action.

Booster Gold is quite a comical hero in the DC Universe. No stranger to teams, Booster Gold is familiar to fans thanks to its long-term association with Blue Beetle. However, there is someone in the Marvel Universe who can relate to Gold’s fame and fortune.

As an actor and celebrity, Wonder Man could show Booster Gold the key to success on Earth-616. Wonder Man’s physical abilities could complement Booster Gold’s futuristic technology in a unique way. However, there may be too much ego at stake in this partnership for it to be great.

8 Huntress to the black widow

Huntress is a deadly vigilante, a skilled combatant, a vital member of Birds of Prey, and a woman driven by revenge for the sins of her past. There are many parallels there with Marvel’s Black Widow, who has many of the same traits, as well as being a leading Avenger.

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However, Black Widow’s training in the Red Room is slightly superior to that of the Huntress. Additionally, Natasha Romanoff is an expert in a broader range of combat styles and weaponry. Huntress could keep up with Black Widow in battle, but she could also learn a lot more about survival and how to mentally deal with a tragic past.

7 Wonder woman to black panther

Wonder Woman is essentially a demigod, hailing from the Greek Pantheon led by Zeus. She is a natural leader, a powerful warrior, and has great knowledge of the realms of her mythology. Black Panther shares several of the same traits and is linked to the Panther God Bast.

With both of them becoming representatives of a notable deity, Wonder Woman would be the perfect Black Panther companion. T’Challa would be the best guide for Diana’s introduction to Wakanda and perhaps could teach the Amazonians how technology and vibranium could play a role in defending Themyscira.

6 Swamp Thing for Doctor Strange

Swamp thing, poison ivy

Alan Moore’s fantastic run on Swamp-Thing defined him as the guardian of Earth in the DC Universe, but the character also has several mythological ties. As a member of the Justice League Dark, the beast is no stranger to the strange and mystical. His association with Doctor Strange would yield many mutual benefits.

Just like Strange has worked alongside the Man-Thing in the past, he would have a deeper understanding of the swamp creature. The two of them could share their knowledge about the workings of reality itself and Strange could give a magical boost to the powers of Swamp-Things as he explores the wild nature of Marvel.

5 Martian manhunter to vision

Martian Manhunter DC J'onn J'onzz

Martian Manhunter was forced to flee his home planet after it was invaded and nearly destroyed. With his family gone, his tragedy fuels him as he rose through the ranks to become an important member of the Justice League. The vision can certainly relate to all that heartbreak and the concept of joining a found family.

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Both Martian Manhunter and Vision have had to try to adapt to their new surroundings and understand humanity on a deeper level. With similar power sets and a wealth of wisdom between them, it’s clear they could make an intriguing pair.

4 Aquaman to the storm

Close-up of Aquaman surrounded by sharks

A king, a demigod in his own right, and an important member of the Justice League, Aquaman has had some strange friends in the past, but never a mutant. Despite this, as an Atlantean, he understands what it takes to protect a people who have been marginalized by humanity.

Aquaman’s aquatic abilities and Storm’s weather manipulation are sets of powers that would work almost symbiotically together. Stronger as a unit, Storm would also bring her knowledge as the Queen of Wakanda to the table, with the comparison of two strong nations clearly in view.

3 Little red riding hood to the punisher

The Red Hood sits on the windowsill.

Little Red Riding Hood studied with Batman for many years, but his violent manner put him on a very different path. This is something The Punisher can certainly understand, with both antiheroes doing whatever it takes to rid their cities of crime.

However, the Punisher would also warn against such behavior and could act as a catalyst for Jason Todd to perhaps change his ways. Regardless, the two would pair well in battle, with their knowledge of firearms and extensive combat experience likely to result in many efficient and successful tactical skirmishes.

two Harley Quinn to Spider-Man

Harley Quinn Comic Booster gold cover

Harley Quinn is still trying to find her way as an antihero after spending most of her career as the Joker’s right-hand man. Spider-Man is the quintessential hero of the Marvel Universe and is no stranger to working and fighting unpredictable characters with strange tricks.

If anyone can help teach Harley Quinn about responsibility, it’s Spider-Man. Whether it’s Peter Parker or Miles Morales, his characters’ comedic edge would bounce off well with Quinn’s. Each of the webheads would bring a different perspective to the table, but Quinn could learn a lot from both the younger and more experienced Spider-Men.

1 Batman to Deadpool

Batman fighting in Detective Comics 1037.

Batman is DC’s best-known vigilante and has had so many remarkable experiences that it’s hard to imagine him as anyone’s sidekick. However, when entering a new scene, Wayne knows it helps to use a local tour guide who can teach you about this alternate reality.

Deadpool is the complete opposite of Batman in every way, but it’s hard to argue against the hilarity that could result from this association. Batman would be the perfect straight man for Deadpool’s silliness. Deadpool has really had a role to play in every aspect of the Marvel Universe; from the lands of monsters to the world of mutants, the cosmic realms and the realms of the gods. It’s a great deal of knowledge that Batman can learn from.

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