All in 90 days: The Other Way cast member Ariela, who is also a writer, wowed Instagram with her depiction of Ethiopia as she revealed her new look.

Ariela Weinberg from 90 day fiancé: the other way impressed Instagram fans with her new look and at the same time shared unknown secrets about her life in Ethiopia before and after meeting Biniyam Shibre. The young mother was pregnant with Aviel when she moved to Addis Ababa in season 2 of the 90 day fiancé spin-off and began her journey with her then-boyfriend Bini. Since then, Ariela and Biniyam, who fought a lot on television, have stayed together after compromising and surprising many. But even more shocking is the transformation that Ariela and Binyam have shown with their weight loss and makeovers.

Freelance writer Ariela faced a lot of problems during her 90 day fiancé season in which he began his new life with Biniyam and adjusted to his customs and lifestyle. To fans, Ariela was shown as an annoying girlfriend who was dissatisfied with Biniyam and everything he did for her. The couple quarreled over trust issues and Biniyam wanted to convert Ariela to her religion and to the baptism of her baby. However, his life on social media after the 90 day fiancé: the other way The ending painted a very different picture for Biniyam and Ariela, who are still together in Ethiopia. Ariela has not only adapted perfectly to the culture of Biniyam, but also continues to show the beauty of the country through her eyes to fans and followers.

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In his most recent Instagram post, 90 day fiancé celebrity Ariela weinberg she looked happier than ever as she flaunted her new look with curly blonde hair paired with a crop top and ripped jeans outfit. The young mom received a lot of praise for her makeover, as she revealed that she “I loved doing the show knowing that it somehow allowed people to travel“with her. According to Ari, people who have never left their country thanked her for”introducing them to a different country and culture.” The 90 day fiancé star surprisingly confessed that when she met Biniyam, it was her “third or fourth”Trip to Ethiopia.

Before that, Ariela had visited the country with only a backpack and walking shoes and stayed at a hostel where she met travelers and made friends with the locals. When Biniyam and Ariela were dating, the 90 day fiancé Star was staying with a friend in her one-bedroom apartment that was also shared by the lady’s son, her maid, and sometimes her parents as well. “I had no idea that my life was going to change so much in such a short time!Ariela confessed before adding that the people who had called her “crazy” and told her that Ethiopia was “dangerous” knew nothing about the country. In addition, Ariela also mentioned that “Many Ethiopian people who watched the show were angry that it showed only negative parts of the country.

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Ariela then proceeded to ask people to do their own research and Google Ethiopia, as she also suggested her favorite places in the country to visit. “# 90dayFiancé was an introduction. Now discover more for yourself!” the 90 day fiancé Star warned, and fans responded by saying they loved the way Ariela had written the beautiful post. Fans have wanted to know what Ariela has been up to with Biniyam and if he 90 day fiancé: the other way couple got married. But for now, they seem to be keeping any plans to make a return to TLC a secret.

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