A relatively new villain is being positioned to take on a more active role in Gotham City, and he’s still operational even in Future State.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “Punchline: Chapter 5” by The Joker # 5 by Sam Johns, James Tynion IV, Sweeney Boo and Ariana Maher, and Future State: Gotham # 3 by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, Giannis Milonogiannis, and ALW’s Troy Peteri Out Now

Introduced in the lead up to “The Joker War,” Punchline has shown just how much influence she can have on Gotham even beyond her role as a sidekick to the Clown Prince of Crime. But you just got a massive promo that will allow you to more easily control an entire section of Gotham’s criminal world.

Punchline won a huge promotion for herself at The joker # 5 apparently becoming the new Queen of Spades of the Royal Flush Gang, and her presence in Future State: Gotham hints that he has a long term as a major ahead of him as a major figure in Gotham.

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The Queen of Spades is one of the leading members of the Royal Flush Gang, which has apparently recently grown from a small group of villains to a powerful clique of criminals both inside and outside the prison. Gaining the wrath of the Queen of Spades by surprising her with a physical attack, Punchline ends up being the target of a brutal beating by the Queen of Spades and her henchman, Orca. But when the Queen comes to gloat over the seemingly defeated Punchline in the prison infirmary, she takes her by surprise when it turns out it was Punchline’s plan: Orca betrays the Queen and takes her down before her henchmen seemingly murder her outside of the prison. panel.

This leaves Punchline in the perfect position to take control of the inmate community, quickly establishing himself as a new figurehead within the Royal Flush Gang in jester # 5. Returning to the prison floor, Punchline is cheered on by the other prisoners. More and more young women in prison are getting tattoos, proclaiming their allegiance to Punchline. Even the guards seem to agree with this, as the power and authority that the Queen of Spades once had in prison appears to have been transferred to Punchline. But with her power, Punchline clearly has a desire for revenge, setting her sights on a terrified and sobbing young woman named Kelly Ness.

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Bluebird has been investigating Punchline, and in the process discovered photos of her and her friend Aiden, along with an unknown young woman who is likely Kelly Ness, who is also being detained at Blackgate. It appears that Punchline is seizing the opportunity to attack the young woman he once knew, and with his current position of power in the prison, there is little anyone can do to stop him. Punchline seems to have found its own role within the Gotham City crime community, even outside of its connection to the Joker. And, given what happens in Gotham: future state, it can be a lucrative position for her.

In the potential timeline of Future stateGotham has become an increasingly dangerous police state under the control of the Magistrate. But Punchline has managed to maintain a certain level of power and authority even while in prison. She escapes after murdering some guards, and the rest are unwilling to confront her. Even on his own and not to mention his Royal Flush Gang, it’s clear that Punchline is here to stay. As a powerful new figure, Punchline has the potential to become a dangerous presence in Gotham City, becoming more than just a protégé of the Joker and moving into her own place within a separate criminal legacy.

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