Asta may be regularly overshadowed by his childhood friend, but it is rare for his Black Bull companions to surpass him. The combined strength of the Black Bull Squad has survived the threat of terrorists, elves, and even demons. As long as they work together, the Black Bulls are unstoppable, but how would each of them face off against Black clover?

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Asta has come a long way since joining the ranks of the Magic Knights. Thanks to hard work, perseverance, and an unmatched dedication to training, he has proven that even a powerless commoner can succeed as a Magic Knight. Their power may be hard to rival, but the squad is filled with powerful wizards who offer Asta some interesting matchups.

10 Yami would directly cut Asta with Dimension Slash

Asta’s greatest advantages in combat lie in his anti-magic weapons, physical stamina, and strength. Yami serves as a great counter to Asta’s physical stamina thanks to the time he spent training his own skills as a swordsman.

The biggest question fans should ask themselves when considering a showdown between Asta and Yami has to do with how the Captain’s Dark Magic would fare against Asta’s Anti Magic. Considering how well Yami’s sword has worked against other demons, it’s hard to imagine that Asta could defeat Yami without completely yielding to Liebe’s power. At that moment, Yami deserves a victory for forcing Asta to surrender.

9 Asta would defeat Gray before drawing his sword

Black Clover: Gray running after Asta

Grey’s Transformation Magic is a powerful tool that the young wizard can use to cast some nifty spells. Unfortunately, Gray is more concerned with making eye contact with the people around her than honing her magical skills in powerful and complicated techniques.

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Without the help of his team, Gray would have a hard time dealing with Asta’s Anti Magic sword wielding. It would be impressive if the young magician managed to overcome her shyness before facing the man who literally clings to a demon.

8 Luck beats Asta’s great muscles with its powerful lightning magic

Black Clover_ Luck

Luck has always been one of Black Bull’s best hitters. His lightning magic offers the young wizard powerful offensive spells and improvements to his general mobility. Asta may be faster than the average wizard thanks to his rigorous physical training, but Luck’s speed and strength are enhanced by magic.

As long as Luck keeps Asta’s Anti Magic sword in mind, he should be able to quickly take out the young commoner without magic thanks to his incredible speed and powerful attacks.

7 Charmy’s mana recovery is pointless against Asta’s anti-magic abilities

Charmy may have the ancient powers of the dwarves flowing through her blood, but that doesn’t mean she has a chance against Asta and his Anti Magic.

The young foodie uses her cotton-making magic to create food that increases the stamina of her allies, but she also has access to some powerful attack spells. During the attack on the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Charmy managed to defeat Rill in elf form, but Asta is a completely different beast than the Magic Knight’s captain enhanced by elven magic. But the demon within Asta would pierce through Charmy’s cotton-creating magic with ease.

6 Secre would seal Asta with arcane magic that not even his anti-magic sword could cut

The problem with Asta’s Anti Magic ability lies in its ties to demon power. Although the devil’s magic remains largely a mystery to fans of Black clover, breaks the magic scale used by the Magic Knights of Clover Kingdom.

Secre is one of the only characters in Black clover who has personally cast a spell with forbidden magic and has lived to tell the tale. After using forbidden magic to seal a demon, Secre’s sealing magic took on a powerful new form that even Asta would have trouble dealing with. If Secre was able to seal a demon, he should have no trouble stopping Asta.

5 Magna can surpass Asta, but always remains one step behind him

Black Clover_ Magna Swing

Magna may be a fiery young wizard, but she has always lagged a bit below the top tier of the Black Bull. It seems that no matter how far Magna pushes his Fire Magic, Asta is primed with a new Anti Magic technique to motivate the impetuous commoner to another strict training regimen. Unless Magna can dramatically increase her mana reserves or discover some kind of complex fire magic technique, Asta would walk away from this battle with another victory under her belt.

4 Finral could overwhelm Asta with space magic

Black Clover_ Featured image of Finral using space magic

Both Langris and Finral have shown that Spatial Magic is one of the most powerful types of magic in the Clover Kingdom. The ability to move through space at will and manipulate how other objects fit into that space has an incredible number of powerful applications in combat.

Asta may be more ready for battle than Finral, but if properly motivated, Yami’s wheels have shown that his green-hued Space Magic can be extremely difficult to wield. Finral may have to resort to hit-and-run tactics until Asta is too tired to fight, but as long as his mana reserves hold up, Finral should be able to defeat the powerless commoner.

3 Gordon’s curse magic is still too weak to eliminate Asta

Gordon’s curse magic is powerful, but he still lacks the forbidden potency to defeat Asta. Curse Magic has close ties to Megicula, making it the ideal form of magic to use against a child wielding the power of a devil.

Had Gordon spent more time training to understand the magic of the Agrippa family curse with his father, he might have come up with a way to defeat someone with Asta’s abilities. Unfortunately, Gordon lacks the motivation and magic to take on Asta.

two Nacht can summon his own devil to overwhelm Asta

Black clover night

Nacht made his anime debut recently, but fans have already embraced the vice-captain of the demon-possessed Black Bull. Thanks to his incredibly powerful shadow magic, Nacht easily won the hearts of Black clover fans.

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Nacht beats Asta in all categories other than physical strength. He has more experience interacting with demons, more time on the battlefield, and much more magical power. Before Asta could even wield his Anti Magic sword, Nacht would cage him in a shadowy prison with no hope of escape.

1 Zora’s traps are no match for Asta’s magic sword

Black Clover_ Zora Ideale

During the tournament to decide who would join the Royal Knights, Zora’s Trap Magic proved to be an incredible asset to Asta and Mimosa. Zora’s ingenuity pushed her team through the tournament and earned her a spot on the team, but that doesn’t mean she has a chance against Asta in a battle of strength.

Asta proved during the Royal Knights Tournament that his Anti Magic sword can easily deal with Trap Magic. Using his Bull Thrust technique, Asta can search for Zora’s traps and dispel them with Anti Magic. Without her traps, Zora must deal with Asta in hand-to-hand combat, a fight she is destined to lose.

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