Nightwing’s butt is so famous in DC Comics that not even Grifter in Batman: Urban Legends # 5 can deny that he is a great addition to his character.

Warning: spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends # 5 are ahead.

At night and his acrobatic heroic acts have made him one of DC Comics’ most beloved characters, with his butt taking on a myth of its own. Perhaps due to the fact that Nightwing is one of the only members of the Bat-Family whose costume does not have a cape, Dick Grayson’s derrière has become a conspicuous part of his appearance in the comics. In some cases, her butt has even been linked to actual plot points in the stories, with a new installment of the current one. Batman: Urban Legends the anthology series is the latest in this area.

In the fifth part of the story of “The Long Con” in Batman: Urban Legends # 5, Nightwing and Batman come to the aid of Grifter, who was unknowingly planning to force Lucius Fox to download some of Batman’s most important files on behalf of a criminal organization called Leviathan (written by Matthew Rosenberg, art by Ryan Benjamin, colors by Antonio Fabela, and letters by Saida Temophonte) . This is further complicated by the fact that Grifter is secretly working to take down Leviathan with the help of a contact who communicates with him through a headset. When Batman and Nightwing join him, the contact offers to offer an additional reward if he is able to seduce the “guy in the leotard with the big @? $”. Grifter refuses.

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Despite how personable Nightwing is, Grifter is not a fan. Earlier in the story, Grifter had mocked Nightwing by first calling him a “goth gymnast” and then accusing him of “dressing up as an ice dancer”. Given that Grifter wears a blue sweatshirt, red sneakers, and a cloth mask that hangs loosely on his face, it’s clear that Dick Grayson looks so much better at work than Cole Cash. Grifter’s animosity towards Nightwing is made more amusing by the fact that Dick still cared enough to check if Cole was still alive after falling several stories out of a window.

Nightwing on the cover of Nightwing # 79.

This is far from the only time Nightwing’s butt has come up in a conversation at DC Comics. On one occasion, Midnighter could recognize Dick Grayson only by his butt in Grayson # 6 by Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janín, Jeromy Cox and Carlos M. Mangual. What makes Nightwing’s butt such a running and funny joke is the fact that it has persisted through different DC Comics stories, brought to life thanks to a variety of writers and artists, who have committed to this narrative. Dick Grayson already has a great personality and a fantastic character arc, so if anyone deserves a great butt, it’s At night.

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