Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was an attempt to capitalize on the runaway success of Raiders of the lost ark, this time with a much darker but fantastic fantasy prequel. It is a critical mixed bag, but lauded for its many successes. Unfortunately, it is also famous for its many mistakes, and there are many mistakes that crept into the final cut of the film.

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Naturally, many of these mistakes are downright funny and entertaining, and it’s hard to blame the filmmakers for missing little things while shooting such a big movie. Some, however, are a bit jarring, and it’s a wonder why no one caught the error during the editing process. Still it’s a whole new way of seeing Temple of Perdition, while learning why it helped inspire a future crop of high-earning PG-13 movies.

10 Baby eels

Willie looks at a python ready for dinner at Temple of Doom

The infamous dinner sequence was Steven Spielberg’s attempt to gross out the audience in the most disgusting way possible. Start the whole horrible thing with what’s known as the Coiled Wriggly, which is a boa constrictor stuffed with live baby eels. Once opened, the eels spill out, to Willie and Short Round’s horror.

In reality, eating raw live eels could simply be a death sentence, given their inherent toxicity. Eel blood is dangerous to consume, like the skin, depending on the species. Cooking the eel at high temperatures fixes the blood problem, while the rest of the animal is filleted accordingly. It’s one of the most absurd scenes in the entire franchise, designed to provoke some cheap laughs.

9 The centipede bug

Willie tries to save Indy and Short Round as insects run through her in Temple of Doom

Viewers who are terrified of bugs and spiders in the movies probably had to look the other way during the scene where Indy and Short Round were nearly crushed to death by a falling roof. It all depends on Willie, who goes into a nest of bugs to save them, as they begin to cover his body.

Amid all the relatively harmless insects on the scene is a fairly massive centipede, and it is quite possible that it is a Scolopendra Gigantea. This is a Very aggressive and voracious centipede species that he will not hesitate to attack. Its bite is extremely painful and potentially fatal to humans, so there is no way it is casually dragging it.

8 Overheated lava

A sacrificed victim is lowered into a lava pit in the Temple of Doom.

There is some debate as to whether the first sacrifice seen in temple of doom is it realistic or not. When the victim is lowered into the lava pit, he is practically cremated, as evidenced by the empty cage that is later raised again. But technically, there should be a skeleton there, given that bone does not melt until at least 1600C.

However, the temperature of the lava increases with the flow and can skyrocket up to 2100 ° C. The lava depicted in temple of doom It is orange in color, signifying intense heat, but it does not move in a fluid pattern, but rather in a swirl. Technically, this lava shouldn’t be hot enough to melt a skeleton. If it were, Willie would never have survived being so close to him.

7 Mola Ram Helmet

Split image of Indiana Jones attacking Mola Rom with his helmet on and off in Temple of Doom

Truck hits are both a blessing and a curse. They can be used to fill gaps in the shot for the sake of continuity, but they can also mess up a shot just as easily. A perfect example of this takes place in the film’s third act when Indiana Jones regains his sanity and fights the forces of Mola Ram. He then turns his attention to Mola Ram, who disappears down a trapdoor.

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Before Indy can rush him, Ram takes off his trademark helmet. Just before attacking, a second shot shows him with his helmet on, before quickly slicing through the plane of him escaping through the hatch. It’s easy to miss, given the speed of the sequence, but it can’t go unnoticed once pointed out.

6 Willie disappears bling

Willie is poised to be a sacrifice in Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom

After capturing Indy, Short Round, and Willie for spying on their sacrificial activities, Mola Ram forcibly indoctrinates Indy to the point where he is ready to kill his friends while preparing Willie to be the next offering. She is adorned with a number of elaborate garments and accessories, including a large number of ceremonial necklaces around her neck.

When she is loaded into the sacrificial cage, all of her necklaces are present, but after a quick slash, they mysteriously disappeared. The Thuggee cult members may have removed all of their necklaces after securing it, but it is much more likely that someone lost continuity while the scene was being filmed.

5 The tenacious voodoo doll

Short Round knocks the voodoo doll out of the Prince's hands in Temple of Doom

During the scene where Indy fights the hulking Maharaja in the mines, the indoctrinated young prince uses the equivalent of a voodoo doll to inflict agony by stabbing him with a large pin. Short Round heads towards the Prince and tries to prevent him from using the doll, pushing his arms away and pulling him away from the pin.

The cutaway shot shows the doll landing on the ground with the pin still in it, which continues to inflict torturous pain on Indy. It’s surprising that no one noticed this continuity error when shooting as the pin needed to stay on the wrist for the tension to build properly.

4 The water problem

Indy, Willie and Short Round overcome a huge torrent of water inside a mine in Temple of Doom

During the famous mine cart chase (one of the film’s highlights), members of the Thuggee cult bring down a gigantic reservoir of water, causing a massive tide of water to rush through the caverns. and chase Indy, Willie and Short Round to the end. edge of mine.

In reality, this is very implausible and ornate. The myriad of twists, turns and chasms scattered throughout the mine would have redirected the flow of water in six directions since Sunday, leaving little more than a few drops to spill at the end of the shaft. On the other hand, the scene would not have been so exciting.

3 Indy’s instant sword

Indiana Jones uses his whip to disarm a member of the Thuggee cult

In the final act of the film, before Indy heads to the rope bridge, he is confronted by two members of the Thuggee cult wielding large swords. With no weapons to lean on, he takes on them using only his whip, but there is a massive bug that cannot be hidden with the conventional edition.

Indy manages to wrap his whip around the sword arm of one of the cultists, ripping the blade from his hand and sending it spiraling down the mountainside. In the next shot, the cult member is unconscious (somehow) and Indy wields his sword in the other hand. It is not as iconic as the battle with the swordsman in Assailants, but it’s worth nodding.

two The changing river

Split image of the river in the final act of Temple of Doom

It appears that two different rivers were used for the scene where Indy, Willie and Short Round face the Thuggee on the rope bridge. Depending on the angle and plane, the river changes in appearance, while the only thing that remains constant are the crocodiles waiting below.

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Some shots show the river as very narrow and full of loose rocks, while others, particularly close-up shots, show it to be enormously wide. It doesn’t really matter in the big context of the scene, but it’s a bit jarring when the two takes are compared side by side.

1 The visible lanyard

Mola Rom and Indiana Jones fight on a broken bridge in Temple of Doom

After Indy cuts the rope bridge and causes it to snap in two, the action switches to the mountainside, where he fights Mola Ram for the bag of stones. After narrowly escaping having his heart ripped out of his chest, Mola Ram climbs the ladder, but loses control when Short Round and Willie kick his hands, sending him off to Indy.

During that particular shot, you can clearly see the lanyard attached to Harrison Ford clinging to his waist. It’s a wonder why no one thought of digitally removing it for future home releases of temple of doom, but it’s still there, sticking out like a sore thumb to this day.

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